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Join Harman on a transformative journey through ancient wisdom and modern insights.

A journey to Unleash your highest potential and embrace a life of purpose

Discover your true potential with “Go All The Way Now,” a captivating guide to self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and personal growth. Harman’s powerful stories and practical techniques lead you on a transformative journey towards inner power and purpose. Embrace this profound shift and create a life that resonates with harmony and fulfillment.

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Explore Harman’s groundbreaking work as he delves into the realms of energetic bodies, universal consciousness, and the Creative Principle, guiding you on a transformative journey.

Chapter 1: Go All The Way Now

An Odyssey into Divinity, The age of Aquarius, Peace of mind. Spiritually edifying. Attaining our person’s highest potential. A merging with the Force, with Source. The Tao, the All, the Holy Breath, Supreme Intelligence, Universal Mind. Our consciousness with God consciousness. Beyond exponential & algorithms. Satisfaction beyond measure. A voyage to the most fundamental levels of reality….

Chapter 2: I believe, but I do not know

The difference between believing and knowing and how it relates to meditation and knowledge.  The author argues that believing is not knowing and that one must come into the know.  If one knew something, they would not say “I believe”.

The author also discusses how meditation can help one come into the know and how knowledge is different from belief.

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Born in the Netherlands, Captain Harman embarked on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration. Over 40 years of sailing the world’s oceans, he found a profound connection with nature and experienced the divine forces that govern all of creation. Through contemplation, meditation, and extensive travels, Harman gained a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of life. His book, “Go All The Way Now,” is the culmination of these experiences and a testament to the limitless harmony that awaits us all when we embrace our true purpose

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of a Harmonious And Sustainable Future

Discover the transformative power of ancient wisdom and modern spirituality. Uncover the essentials for building a harmonious future, including the New Trinity of Spirit, Mind, and Body, the Energetic Bodies and Chakra System, and the life-changing benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness. Begin your journey towards a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

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Unlock the wisdom and tools needed for personal growth and global harmony. Experience the transformative power of ancient knowledge and modern insights, as you cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, others, and the world around you.

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Learn to live fully, mindfully, and authentically, cherishing each moment

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Develop and strengthen inner resolve, determination, and self-control

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Expand your horizons by exploring ancient wisdom and modern insights

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