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Born in The Netherlands and when growing up he did not quite see what could be his roll in this live.
To get a sailboat and sail to far away places, now God knows where, became the dedicated search tool.

It was in 1969, after watching the “2001: A Space Odyssey” movie in Lima Peru and later high in the Andes mountains in Machu Picchu and sequently a boat trip on lake Titicaca and from there to Pucallpa a town at the head waters of the Amazon river. Then from there down the length of this all jungle river to the Atlantic stopping along the way to visit some of the isolated tribal communities and then arriving by way of some of the Caribbean Islands in the US the weekend of Woodstock and the ticker tape parade in New York City for the return of the astronauts back from a trip to the moon that he realized there was something spiritual & mystical happening on this planet.
He had to know what it was, the underlying reason for not having been able to see his purpose when growing up. The fruit was ripening.

Mostly from S. Florida, Captain Harman spend amongst other discoveries 30 plus years sailing the Oceans. For him the Oceans provided a place of Vision and natural Power. The Oceans horizon has no limits, where everything on the land does.
Harman’s practice of contemplation and new meditation, along with his travels to destinations beyond the horizon, allowed him a unique and borderless perspective for solution making.
His life has been a journey and study of discovery of the Universal Principles, (harmonic chords struck), that reign supreme in all of creation and thus this planet Earth and in us humans.


He designed, and build his sailboat in Miami Beach and chartered this boat in the NW Caribbean.
The vessel served as an instrument to share the Motion of the Ocean with thousands of crew members, young and old and show them a Vision of the unlimited harmony and connectedness of the horizons we are all to meet.

In his early youth he saw an “inner world” that could be called The Divine Matrix, Einstein’s Field, the Principle of Creation, Universal Mind. Possibly from the other side of the black hole from which the Universe, us, and everything else it contains has been sprouted.
Harman saw these experiences as a way of getting, as he says, “Hooked up to the Mastermind of all of Creation”.

These “Go All The Way Now” pages, the story/results of his findings.

A MANUAL: About finding access to a direct interface with the ‘Creative Principle’ that has and is creating all of the Universes and everything, everything and yes everything including us in it, and living in alliance with that ‘Force’.  The portrayer of the Illusion of the All.
No war on anything can exist there, not an option.



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