Chapter 7:

No Secrets: Embrace Universal Connection & Enlightenment


Universal Connection


Unveiling the Myth of Secrets in the Universal Mind

There may be things WE do not know or understand—secrets, veils,
but on a Universal Mind, the ALL level, the Godhead level, if you want,
there is no such thing; everything is known.
Secrets are a phenomenon of a man-made world.
Let us take for example UFO’s and their crews we call aliens.
If they exist then certainly they know that they are here,
but we may not.
Still in the Universal hard-drive it is known whether they are or not.
Likewise there are many other subjects or circumstances that are known,
but we may not know or understand them,
cloaked and identified within the limits of the flesh and bones that we are.
When we awaken, gain awareness of the Omnipresent Consciousness of the Creative Principle
we may call God Consciousness inside of us,
some of these secrets/veils will start falling away.
They must by definition.
We will start picking up little pieces of information and insight here and there.
Then the next thing is that you know that you know, or at least understand something.
Either way, secrets, conspiracies, or aliens
will not go to work for us nor instill us with benevolence.
We must bring ourselves to completion. No outside force, government,
church or representative thereof can do that for us.
Maybe they can point us in the right direction, but they cannot make us go there.
It’s all up to us.
Very democratic, also sovereign.


The Complexity and Unity of Our Energetic Bodies

An image representing the energetic body through a silhouette of a person in a lotus pose meditating with multicolor energy fields extending internally to externally

Let us assume for a minute that the above picture represents the human energetic body
and that all these bodies, all bodies,
have the same Creative Principle working in them,
having been created by that Principle.
This Principle that is governed by Law Absolute, the Law of Creation.
Yes, we are all sustained by the same Principle.
Mother nature.
There are no exceptions, regardless of how we would like them to be excepted.
Though we may have different belief systems, upbringing and education, different levels or absence of wealth, maybe different color skin, we are nevertheless together all part of One Humanity
and created by the same principle.


In our bodies we have trillions of electromagnetic communications
between many billions of cells every second
All in support the one of the other.
A multi-dimensionally complex super-natural system taking place,
all exchanged out every few days or so for a completely new body
held together by memory and code in the same Image: our today’s body,
a Hologram of our Imagination and sustained by the Creative Principle,
Spirit, Source, the Force, Primordial vibration, the Lord force, the Tao—
the ALL him/her/itself, out of thought into matter, mind into matter.
Universal Mind into Matter.
A Mental Universe and beyond. 

If only we could have that kind of communication between our cells of humanity
and communities, healing would be virtually instantaneous.
Potentially we can, and all indications are that we are going to get an opportunity
to see what that looks like in the next 20 years.
Or we can continue the path of possible famine
and war as well as some other horror shows as we see in all parts of the world today.
It’s our choice to make.

We are generated (created) by a Force we could call Spirit, Creative Principle,
the Force, the Field, G.O.D, Yahweh, the Tao, Allah, the Buddha, Krishna,
Christ, Source Energy, Source, Lord, the Field or Shiva or
Mother Nature if you want, same all one thing.

A force beyond complex to Infinity, present everywhere,
no place were not, in No Time at All,
timeless, always on time, always Now.
We are all individual living facets of the Whole,
born from a few one second thoughts and ingrained program,
a seed you would need a microscope to observe.
There is no escaping the program of the seed and its
ancestry’s from after just 10 generations with over 1 million grandparents dna.


There will never be enough satisfaction in our lives today,
because we are after complete fulfillment, a universal fulfillment

and there is only one place to go for that:
a place of the all One, all in One, completely full and saturated.
No limits to quantity or size.
smallest and biggest at the same time in no time!

Ooooooh I am going to need another storage unit, bigger closets, a bigger house,
more friends.
In the end they will not do, there’s never enough in that dimension.
To be sure the fit is perfect, the hand on the money or on the globe,
but the perfection we are looking for must have no limitations.

It’s not to be had by going singly after the butts, breast, power and money.
We need to guard ourselves accordingly and
with all due respect to the subject of nature,

the perfection so sought after.
To be clear, however, that the tease is rampantly presented
in many forms of dress, code and advertising,
Mother Nature itself, a force of attraction manifest.
That all will change automatically when we lift our consciousness out of our present state of “affairs”.
Save ourselves from just plowing that “field”.

The Law of Karma: Universal Justice in Action

Check it out: few things have more attraction
than a built in planetary global system,
Planets in my hand, mmm, fulfilled!
Yes…for the moment.
However, the thing that does truly fulfill we better find—
absolutely gorgeous beyond limits it must be and is!


An image of the female human form that assists the reader in understanding mother nature and the forces of attraction


The above combination of words is a good guiding principle to upload to our personal operating system software;
it interfaces well with the law of creation, the law of returns.
Karma—get a good return on our effort, our focus.
Apply before we act. 
Mathematical Law, a Universal Law, is the law that makes it so that what we sow is what we reap.
The Laws of Creation are silent; they do not proclaim themselves.
Nobody will come knocking on our door to enforce them.
The natural Spirit of the Law will execute them in invisible, infallible ways.
They are, however, designed for our advantage;
they are undeniable and we cannot escape their operation..
Perfect Justice.
Karma. Exceedingly complex. (More on that further down).
In case of doubt, try jumping up without coming down.
The force of Gravity and Attraction is hard at work.
There’s no escaping it other than through and in the consciousness of One.
Stick a seed in the ground, provide the right environmental conditions,
and that seed will grow and manifest and run the seed’s program all by itself.
Not mechanical but by a Principle Absolutely Intelligent
that is omnipresent in all the universes and beyond.


An image depicting the 7 Hermetic Principles


Over the last 20 some years I interviewed hundreds of youths, mostly 14 to 17 years old, and asked them if they knew what Karma was.
All answered that yes they knew.
I then asked if the law of Karma is law absolute, or if it could be manipulated.
I was surprised that, for about 50% of those interviewed,
the answer was Yes it can be manipulated.   A gateway for me.
If 50% of the world’s population were to believe
that the Law of Karma can be manipulated
we are in for some interesting surprises.
Looking at the news today, these surprises are here announcing themselves!
All your money disappearing overnight at the stroke of a few computer keys.
Symptoms of these manipulations are lying, misrepresentation, not being in truth,
elements of war, cheating or simply not understanding.
How can we build a future on a foundation that is not really there?
We’d be building on a swamp, with no solid ground.
Politics anyone?
Stopping the cooking with gas in the US, but yes exporting it to Europe so they can burn it over there.

We must become that One we already are, something very Special, Precious.

There are no limits to the Downloads we can get from the all-knowing Akashic Cosmic-computer onto our personal internal Bio-computer.
Akasha:  “Primary substance”,that out of which all things are formed.

Within inside, the supernatural, the super-nature, Spirit.

The Breath
Only Now

A yogic enterprise: Spirit expressing itself through the breath,
the medium.
The source of our lives.

The Breath and Spirit: A Yogic Perspective

The one thing we all humans indisputably share
is this Planet, the Earth, with the Oceans and the air we breathe.
We all equally own and share the breath, our Breath,
and that breath so happens to also be the door to the spirit vault,
the domain name to Spirit,
the Atman: The spiritual life-principle of the universe as inherent in the real self of the individual.
The focus with this breath is the pass-key to this Spiritual roam.

That energy / consciousness, the CHI, the Prana
that live energy that moves the breath
traveling up and down the path of the spinal cord,
the following of that energy,  in and out, the breath/spine travel,
rises out of the earth thru the lower chakras, the lower spine, the life spring,
the river of life, the carrier of the cosmic consciousness,
up to the heavenly sphere, the crane of our head space.
Breaker breaker! We got G.O.D the Force on the line here!
It’s the main feed for energy and consciousness distribution of the body, in and out.
Like making love.
Focus on it: allowing that focus on that path from the base of the spine up to the dome/sphere of your head than just above into the 7th chakra and back down.
from the earth to the heavens, and then bring heaven back down to earth.
This opens the door to that consciousness, like a key, the password.
Brings in the awareness.
Our dedication, our medication of focus, our yoga, 
reveals the desire for the hook-up:
The direct line to tune in, to download the latest effort, to come into the Zone.
Zoned in, we can roam the roam. We come to the domain name:
Source of life the Atman.

I am that what I am, the Lord Force itself, the Jedi,
The Father of the Son/Daughter, the Daughter/Son of the Father/Mother—
The Father/Mother of Creation of my Life.
The Second & First Coming right inside of us.
All One.

The hook up might only last for a fraction of time.
The other day, I downloaded a Kindle book of about 400 pages
in just a few seconds to my iPad.
Downloading from Source in the spine goes at the speed of delight,
the speed of thought.
There are no limits in no time, depending only on our capacity to assimilate and download.
One breath is all we get:
one after the other.
There’s no saving them for a good return.
Lifetime guarantee.
Give yourself to it;
it will give itself to you.
A lot of data can be downloaded in no time at all,
in that one breath; 
just keep making the hookup.
Go for that eureka moment,
That realization, that arrival,
a liberation from the never-ending chatter of the mind.
Infinity is always on time.
PLACE YOUR FOCUS on the breath traveling up and down the spine whenever the need arises for an update or wakeup from a distraction,
a difficult life decision, bored stiff, needing an upgrade?
Need a rest? A yes! A new thought or insight born from that hook up
will be born from THE WOMB OF THE FORCE, Spirit, the Divine, the Field.
They will be endless and fresh and new every time we make the hook-up,
like hitting the reset button and getting an update:

Finding the perfect parking spot, an unexpected invitation you where looking forward to,
a piece to your puzzle, a connection made, a goal suddenly achieved, a missing link found,
an idea from beyond your wildest imagination, just in time, uncanny,
an accident avoided, a premonition that saved your life, a wish foreseen, 
a light turned green, an opportunity offered, a piece of mind,
a wish fulfilled, a break in the weather dearly needed,
help out of nowhere, an accident but no damage, mana from heaven,
a warmest welcome, receive a love thought after, a deed made good,
a move to heaven,, a vision made manifest, a peace cradled and embraced,
a breaking out of shackles, a rendezvous with light, a nectar drank,
a merging with comfort & warmth, a dream come true, a meeting with love,
a cruelty upended, a rest on feathers, a sweetness felt,
a newly felt completion, a sickness left behind, a clear seeing,
a wake-call to clarity, all doubt removed, and eye opening realization,
a direct need met, a prayer answered, a healing of wounds,
a hand to hold, a step in the right direction, a harvest of fruits,
a parting of the curtains, a stage al set, a thirst quenched,
a humanity in love, the love of the One.
no end in sight so long as we live.
All knowing.

Knoogle it. Know it.  The Creative Force’s WIFI is always on and present everywhere,
Omnipresent. No place where it is not.
The spine the carrier, the antenna, the receiving hardware, the networker, the router,
the breath, the connection medium.
The focus on it is the power ON switch.
Up and down you go.
A dedicated traveler.
Must have that spine.
Never give up.
It is how the Lord Force, the Creative Principle will reveal it/her/himself.
We can begin to build our faith in it,
just like a money paper bill or coin has revealed its purchasing power to us over time.

Think there is something you cannot live without?
Just let it go for a while.
Maybe it will manifest into your life, maybe not.
If not there will be a good reason.
The breath however, is the ONE and only thing you cannot do without.
It will be there so long we live.
Lifetime guarantee.
Build an alliance with it.

Do not put off until tomorrow that what you can do today!

May the breath be with us!

May we be with the breath!

The spinal cord is the antenna.
The Chakras the transceiver’s.

A Graphical illustration of the human spinal cord

The Power of Chakras and Breath in Spiritual Evolution


Research Mediation and Breathing, Spinal Cord, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Nomadic’s, Qi, Parkour and many more forms not mentioned to get that life energy, the Prana, the CHI/Qi moving.

This Primal Creative Life Energy that moves the breath up and down the spine
passes through Chakras (Energy Centers) connecting them,
infusing them with that creator intelligence and Chi,
expansion or contraction.
Total communication broadcast for possible integration.


A female silhouette illustrating the chakra system


Illustration of a female silhouette displaying the 7th chakra or head chakra

There are 7 main chakras each representing different aspect of our person.
The 7th or sometimes called 8th chakra, the Crown chakra
is on top of the head like a halo or fountain.

Every chakra has a different frequency, or character if you want.
Different broadcasting frequencies.
Chakras, like the pineal gland, are transceivers.
For example, we can feel, hear, receive and broadcast with them—
like a gut feeling received by the solar plexus or heart chakra.
I love you with all my heart.
Or it could be through intuition: an insight probably received by the pineal Third Eye tranceiver.
I knew it. I see. I understand !

Or we can transmit intention and love felt by other beings,
or we can feel love, the force of attraction.
I love you.
When something powerful happens in your life
you can tell which chakra is affected by the feeling in that location in your body.
Watch the turn on or off even a picture or symbol or
provocative dress can cause in the pelvic chakra
Advertisers use it deliberately.
It is by carefully selecting what we watch
or expose ourselves to that we can elevate our lives
out of the lower vibrational realms of these chakras to the highest,
the Source, the Primordial Light, the Jedi consciousness,
Christ, Buddha, Allah, Krisna, Shiva, Jehova consciousness,
out of duality, out of polarity into unity with the principle of creation.
and with it introduce the ultimate all encompassing “solution making” into our lives.
Turn the Master Key that fits all locks.
The Crown Chakra for lofty vision.
The Pineal third eye one for insight and understanding.
The lower ones for dance, food, sex, grounding, sacral.

Diagram of the human anatomy and chakra system

It is said that the halo field of Jesus reached out and could be felt and probably broadcast influence several miles away.
Possibly further: he was not limited by time and space.
People could feel Holy in its presence, feeling the absolution of the light.
Absence of darkness.
Now is the time for us to merge ourselves with it.


An image of Jesus Christ


Or the Buddha


A stylized image of Buddha


And then there is us, all potential manifest, harmony


an image of a woman in silent meditation and harmony


Chakras can be TUNED up


Never stop TUNING


stylized diagram image of a male silhouette and the chakra system


Research Chakras.


Life starts and stops with the Breath.
No Breath, no Life and other than the body itself, which is a gift when born.
We must have it, the one last thing we cannot live without.
There is no other thing, the most precious, and it is not to be wasted or treated carelessly.
I and the Breath are One.


We may have a family, a mom, a dad, an uncle and aunt, a grandma or pa, great friends, an extended community, a tribe, a relative, a church, a government, a UN, a UNESCO, a world internet web,
a Y
U-NOTSO, 1,000 plus friends—but none of those mentioned could take a breath for us.
The most they can do is inform the world at large that you have started and then later that you stopped breathing.
Now’s the time to discover if we are also dead to the eternity of our situation.


The now never stops; it’s forever.
Spontaneous evolution.

The Breath is The Source of Life
The Gift of Life

One breath at a time, everybody has the breath,
the one thing we all share along with the planet and the moon,
and Univers
the doorway to Spirit.

silhouette of a man sitting in meditative pose with text reading "Inner Worlds Outer Worlds" superimposed onto the image

The Many Names of the Creative Principle and the Quest for Unity


The Creative Principle, Spirit, is the Source of our Life 
as a word like “God” does not resonate with us in some way,
let us look at what other names are being used.
Just watch your associated reaction to the following names and words,
some of which will resonate in an enchanted way and others will not, depending on your belief system.
MAMAJI, CHRIST consciousness, The TAO, SHIVA,

I like LORD as that FORCE LORDS over and is in everything created,
nothing excepted.
Then there is CHI, the Life Energy, that is everywhere,
generating the Life;
and not to forget,
for our Mathematical brothers and sisters, Einstein’s E=MC2 and the FIELD.


Either way, the above names are just words,
not to be confused with that invisible, infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Creative Principle,
the Universal hard drive broadcasting its program.
No word can be that!
No shape, no human embodiment any more than each and every one of us.
One Primordial Consciousness, no past no future, forever, merge with it.
Become it/her/him
I and the Mother/Father are one.


Lord have mercy on us now.


All of Creation made up of Program, Code and Data;
and in the case of mathematics a combination of 0’s and 1’s, numbers, letters, plusses, minuses, parentheses, multiplications and divisions.
Since I cannot be a zero, I must be a 1, A1, I am, instead of AI
(Artificial Intelligence will always be artificial.)
I am a fountain of expression in individual form of the intelligence of the All.
There’s nothing artificial about it, nothing but Truth the way it Really is can exist here.
One answer only for the results of the formula, one truth,
where in this World, the one of matter, we have polarity,
there are always at least two opposing viewpoints.
And, everything in between.
A lot of variables to get lost in.
Democratic or Republican, liberal, conservative, even Christian or Muslim, woman, man, a he-she, she-he, or a great variety of other belief systems that exist in between the extremes, some towards the right some the left, no unity there.
Interpretations, hard soft, hi and low, good and bad,
always divided a million different ways to some extent,
offering different points of view, where in the world of Spirit,
of Nature all is One, always United.
As Cherry trees in Russia bloom the same time as in the opposing USA,
Mother Nature does not recognize borders, will over grow, over throw any kind of separation;
it’s just a matter of time.
Israel & Palestine, all One.
There’s only one way to pull it all together:
we must and will every one of us singly unite in the Spirit world.
like making love without end.
Let’s set our sights upon this all-pervasive source of creation’s light;
no end in sight so bright our lives will be.
An Atomic Force,
a Field of Attraction that holds all our matter together we are.


I am that FIELD In-corpo-rated at the level of my focus,
and the level of my consciousness.


No focus, no liberation. We must connect.


The time has come to be liberated from limitations, from never enough.
Think that as a Christian, 33%, or Muslim, 21% of the world population we are going to make the
changes that need to happen now.
Or from another perspective, is the capitalist going to convert the commy or socialist and visa versa?
Forget it.
We have gone that route for millennia and here we are
in a debatable opposing situation,
while Unity is beckoning with all its might,
so mighty as a matter of fact that we are all made of it, none excepted.


The Hunab Ku and the Dawn of a New Consciousness

Image of the Mayan Hunab Ku Symbol

The above Mayan Symbol is called the HUNAB KU
“The One Giver of Movement and Measure.”
“Every thing manifest.”
(A symbol of the creative principle, like the Yin and Yang one.)

There was a time past in the year 2012 that we were awaiting the end of the world,
because of a forecast made by the Mayan calendar.
Most think that time never came.
Little do we realize that the world as we have always known it
did end then and now we are standing at the threshold
of an incredible New World as every moment always has.
Except that now we can make fare more intelligent choices
every moment anew.
We can join our sustainer the Divine Spirit in the process.

Want to make only historically-based choices,
Better  remain ready for war and power struggles!

Aaaaahh Creation, all about Harmonics, Harmony!
Music to my ears.

Stylized image of a human silhouette with the universe in his hands, deity

I am Harmony

Think about that for a moment….All Form, All size, Distance, Speed, All that Matters, has Matter;
if not, it will not Matter.

“The Creative Principle of the Intelligent Energy that pervades our entire body,
our everything nothing excepted.
All bodies, none excepted, the Planet, our Solar System,
our Galaxy, the Universe, animate or inanimate,
micro as well as macro”.
All matter is saturated with the ALL, the Lord Force itself,
comes from Spirit through a metaphysical screen, into Matter.

Think of the Hunab Ku as a way beyond huge mega pixel digital screen,
a no limits computer screen without a frame.
As a matter of facts for small things it can be small;
for the big things to contain the entire planet earth,
it is at least billions of trillions of trillions of trillions of bits, pixels, particles if you want.
These particles are multi-dimensional where on the one side (inside, or behind the screen if you want)
is All Intelligent Creative Energy and on the other (outside, or in front of the screen if you want)
this energy is made manifest in the form of Matter.
On the one side of the screen Spirit and the other Creation.
But really everywhere! Both sides of the black hole.
There are no sides,
it is a place of all inclusiveness,
and it rubs off on us if we spend time with it.
Talking about networking!
This is the ultimate and final network.

Prepare to merge with:
Jedi, Universal, Christ, Cosmic, Human Consciousness.

On the All-Creative Intelligent Energy side,
everything is known,
nothing can be hidden;
a Light so bright that everything can be seen,
brightly exposed, no secrets.
All is revealed and understood;
truth only survives in that dimension.
Nothing can be created until or
unless everything is known about it.

Got secrets? They cannot come.

stylized image of a child's silhouette representing knowledge and power

The beauty here is that we humans have been given the capability
and freedom to be on both sides of the screen—
on condition that we behave and abide by the Law Absolute that governs the physics of this Creative Principle, the law of Karma, as well as a few others.
That is also where trouble starts,
where in our given freedom the Law gets misinterpreted,
substituted, distorted, and hidden.
It is manipulated, honkytonk expressed.
We all do it in some form or another, but fear not:
we are catching up on catching the interpretations.
The Kali Yuga is coming to an end,
as well as the age of Pisces.
An awakening of a greater awareness
of the collective consciousness.
The age of Aquarius.
Evolution, transparency revealed.
Actually we are far beyond transparency, more like crystal clear.
Only the truth will survive since it alone will not change.
Everything else might or will change.
The bad creates just as easily as the good;
it is just that the bad cannot exist without the good.
The good is just fine by itself.

How to get on the right side of this law? Hold on! Be good! (minus one o).

Think of the Light released at the explosion of an atomic bomb, disintegration of all matter, matter returning to light.
Light so bright no Matter can exist in it.
That is why we love the power of these bombs so much.
Right in line with our present concept of managing this planet,
being ready to push the button is all it is going to take.
Total disintegration would do away with all our differences.
The problem is,
it will do away with us too; thus it can never ever be the solution.
It is no solution.
None of us have the capability to get too far from this Planet.
Let us be clear on that.
Mars or the moon maybe,
but as far as the totality of creation is concerned,
that is not very far.
Even if we did, where would you go? Venus,
Patagonia, underground someplace, the Moon, the Pleiades,
an intentional community, a church, out in the bush someplace?
Really? Forget it, we must work out our stuff, each individual, ourselves,
right here on the surface of this Planet spaceship Earth,
right here where we are now, in community.
We must vote for that Unity now. Vote with the placement of our focus.

Take a good look at this Planet Earth;
it is one incredible piece of self-sustaining, self-nursing,
beyond beautiful, almost infinitely complex wonder.
It was meant by design to support a humanity the way we are up to this point in time.
We still need to work on being compatible with this Mother Earth who is giving her life to us.
Connect with it like child we must.

Photograph of the earth from outer space with the moon slightly behind it

The Moon is for stabilizing an otherwise wobbly situation
and from where its influence on the tides and our moods.



Light as the Ultimate Revealer


The Power of Now, is here now. There is no other time.
In the process of Creation on the Matter side,
there can be shadows cast. Bigger can hide smaller,
stronger can beat weaker, hard can shape soft;
darkness, however, cannot hide light.
Bringing Light to the Matter side will dispel the darkness.
Any minute amount will do. The more light, the more is revealed,
in its omnipresence; there is no limit to the brilliance of the Primordial Light. There are no sides.
All Inclusive, politics would disappear in that consciousness;
that being aware of,
no deal, unless it is in the interest of all of creation,
all concerned, beyond duality, and completely understood.
No hooks


How do we go for this Light, so bright that all is revealed?


That is why the going to the beach is so nice;
a lot is usually revealed there, global studies, a lot of light.
Think about it: humanity as man or woman, unless associated through work like fishing,
would not go to the beach until maybe a little over a hundred years ago.
Doing so exposed more of our bodies to very bright light as time went by,
especially turning our pineal gland,
our forehead and naked solar plexus to more light from the sun,
our chakras exposed to very bright light.
This process advanced humanity’s way of life in some respects
a thousand-fold in just the last hundred years.
Incredible amounts of intelligence were downloaded right there
on those beaches or anywhere facing the body towards the sun.
It is a matter of solving the war thing now—ahhhh and the drinking water thing!
Ahhh the segregation and border separation.
Watch out here now! The woman will rise faster into this consciousness.  We can see them shedding more and more of their clothing and inhibitions,
absorbing more light, cheered on by the man;
while the men are still down to the knee in them, clothed in darkness.
Holding woman down will not work in this dimension of light.
We can see them rise in the world of business,
Hollywood, politics and monetary systems.
Without the exposure to the Sun there can be no life, no nature,
no supernatural, no Divinity in our lives.

Illustration of a Dolphin jumping out of the sea with palm trees in the foreground at sunrise

The pineal gland, our 3rd eye, is the eye with which we can see this light
and other pre-matter metaphysical forms in their pre-matter states;
and is stimulated by this light. 
Enlightening, shed light on the Matter.
Not necessarily in the physical light realm, but the one of understanding.
The one of sensing.
Careful now—there is no fooling with this light. It will shatter the foolishness right out of you.
Proceed with measure and tread with care.


stylized image of the human brain with light at the center


Introducing more light into our lives,
things become more transparent automatically.
Total transparency in all dimensions is what we need.
Total highest education from the inside out!


A complete transparent form of government, form of religion,
realization, governing ourselves, executing our own sovereign strategies,
passing the law and religion (realization), defined as a cultural system of designated behaviors
and practices, worldviews, texts, that relate humanity to the supernatural, transcendental or spiritual elements of ourselves.
Here we are doing just that!


Here is also where our unity begins to unravel, not enough Light.
Grasping for Truth, or a hiding of it, secret meetings,
not for the public viewing—so then who the holy smabolies do we think this is all for?


All daughters can become Mothers, (Mother Earth).
All sons can become Fathers (Heavenly Spheres)
I and the Father and Mother are One.
Privy to the All.


We can all be Jedi.

Yin and Yang Symbol

I am that what I am:


a Sovereign Force manifest in space and time.


stylized image of a human bathed in golden light against a backdrop of ancient structures


Coming into the know is what is needed.

True freedom of choice, to be with it or not:

from Believing, to Knowing,
Reality, Realization, the Way it really is,
A reality show beyond our imagination.


The Law of Manifestation and the Force of Spirit


We can plant a tree or seed, but not make it grow.
Spirit does that. The seed has the code, has the program.
Spirit commands the Energy,
Principle and Intelligence makes the Manifestation.
Law of Manifestation.

G.O.D., that Force that G generates, O operates, D destroys.
That Force that dispenses G good, O orderly, D direction

Focus on that Force
Everything that one day was not, but is now, will one day not be again.
Nobody and nothing will escape.
No security there!
I must become eternal.

Hang on! I am evolving into Eternity, all powerful in my life,

Our bodies are divine matter incorporated as a fact of matter,
the only thing we really have in our lives.
Everything else is an add-on that sometimes matters and sometimes matters no more.
Nobody will survive. No body.
Only way to eternal life is to be borne into eternity consciously, one breath at a time while alive.

Just be present, aware as matter incorporated. The planet a great place for global studies!

The Universe is like a Universal Divine 12-Dimensial printing machine,
with Spirit, the Universal Mind, as the Executive Producer.
Gravity = an electromagnetically generated evolving Force of Attraction = Love as Creative Principle.
By paying attention to this Principle and coming into alignment with it,
making a connection with it,
we can get some wishes manifest as well.
Get love.
But not to be confused with doggy love now,
nor this one woman or one man love.
This Field of Love, this Feld of Attraction,
the Gravity, is of such a magnitude that we cannot possibly imagine
or contain in our normal workmanlike focus and consciousness—
no matter in it at all.
Just the Love of Creation an evolving (growing/evolving) Force Absolute.


The Gravity of the Situation and the Quest for Unity


The Gravity or Attraction of the Situation

a human in the process of materialization pregnant with the possibility for birth

The picture above, a human in the process of materialization

pregnant with the possibility for birth, so to speak.

* * * * *

I am beginning to consider not using the word GOD,
though I use it myself a lot in reference and programmed expressions
but not as a word for us all to come to understand the ONE,
as it calls for conflict of understanding.
We are covered with notions and belief systems.
Maybe for some of us there is no God,
or a myriad of concepts exposed that are great stimuli for argument and war.
As a matter of fact, that is what we have here: a world full of a GOD in whose representation we fight just about every war ever fought.
Everybody prays that their side is the better and will win.
Look at Libya and Syria or Croatia and Ukraine: no winners there,
except for a few special interests.
No winners like that in the ONE Principle.
In the ONE there is no separation:
All One, no duality, no winners, no losers, peace, the only place.
we all must attain it within of ourselves,
all that merges in the consciousness of One
will have won the ultimate freedom—
a life fulfilled and happy.


There is no human not born of the G.O.D, principle,
but then more people have been killed in the name of a god.
Thus, I suggest a word of caution and for the sake of this presentation
I propose to use Spirit and/or Creative Principle, the Force, Source or the ALL.
The One.
We can build up a fresh relationship.
The Principle of Creation is the under-overlying energy/frequency
that sustains all things created in our Universe. The Universe is all-inclusive,
and in it’s for all practical purposes’ infinitive qualities,
I am also all included, all inclusive, no separation in any way.
We are it incorporated; no segregation.
To realize that in infinity, like present everywhere, omnipresence,
no place where it is not, there can be no separation or segregation or exclusion.
If we could come into that realization, that form of consciousness, that reality,
a whole lot of our segregation problems would just evaporate.
The Law Absolute of the Creative Principle could not tolerate it,
not even conceive of it for any fraction of a second.
It cannot by definition.


Conclusion: instead of passing laws,
if we could merge ourselves, our consciousness, with that Force of One, the All,
download the Principles of Creation inside of us,
the war on whatever and lawless behavior would be over.

No more war (not good for warriors, except warriors off the light).
The end of the Pentagon, 5 sides there, too many special interests at work.


Thus, it remains to be seen how we can go about that download.

Screencapture of the different faiths of the world by percentage of the population

The Splinters in Our Collective Consciousness


Splinters hurt, specially when they linger.
What we have represented in the image above are some very big splinters:
splintered belief systems and special interests and many,
many more than are pictured above; and these splinters hurt big time.
They are buried deep inside our consciousness, preached and preyed upon,
where in the ultimate light of no “things”, “no matter” there can be none.
Nothing wrong with being religious, great social and community services are born from them;
but it is because of their different orientations (belief systems), that we cannot “go all the way” with them.
We must and can only unite in the light of the consciousness of One,
the one breath we all share equally,
the One Principle Force that sustains all of Creation.


We are all Sovereign Masters of our lives, full transparency a consequence.


The following images show equal space between the spokes (splinters),
in contrast to the one above.
Think of the space between the spokes as each and every one of us belief systems.
No matter our “Belief” we All “Believe” differently,
but in the images below we each get our own Sovereign space.
Then we start flooding the place with light, from within inside of each and every one of us.
Pretty soon the whole place will be bright as can be.


Image depicting the light of consciousness


More Light. Turn up the lights, baby!

Image of the light of consciousness at a higher frequency between spokes

 All ONE and still Individual, but no more splinters;
Instead, soft communion, feather-like, smooth as silk.
To realize that it is not in the wearing of silk but in the silky consciousness of it.
All rooted in the same Source Force/Code. The same Light!
Instead of a splintering it is more like a buffing, a polishing, a making it shine.


Image of the light of consciousness at the highest frequency between spokes


Soon it All comes together.
From that Source will come a harmonized creation manifest through us,
infinite in its inspiration, uploading the vision and downloading the results.

The “Ark of the Covenant”, found!

What is the Treasure inside? The Light!
Stone tablets inside?
We are each going to lug some stone tablets around?
Pay homage to stones in a fancy box,
line up in front of it and be saved?
All 8 billion of us our own box?
A box for one community, but not another’s?
Reserved for the chosen ones. Put it in a museum someplace?
What about me?
My place?
Forget it now!

Image of the arc of the covenant

The Journey Toward Unified Light and Consciousness


Exposure to the Creative Principle’s Light gives clear sight & insight, unlimited understanding.


Start climbing towards this light right inside.


Stylized image of a man's silhouette climbing a set of stairs towards the light


Rising into the lofty sphere.


 Spiraling up on a string of light.

Image of a ballet dancer entwined with a spiraling string of light


Most everything we see is overlaid by the makeup of our mind,
veiled by our belief systems, lightning fast programmed
thoughts commenting on what we see.
Thus, we do not rally see reality; we can only see what we have been educated or adopted to see.
When looking for this light inside our head, for years we might not see but the filters, veils, over laying the light.
Myself, I mostly see projected light-shows, surreal landscapes, kaleidoscopic geometric imagery with rapid changes, the source from which the world of matter comes forth and directly influenced by what is going on in the surrounds. Everything is connected. Also I see as in I understand.
Mind blowing to watch.
What we might see is the make-up of the Divine Matrix, 
an under-overlying resource from which the world of matter is made up in different dimensions.


When Columbus first came to the Islands of the Caribbean,
and the same when Cortez came to Mexico later,
the natives could not see the ships lying off their beaches because they had never seen anything like them before.
They could not conceive of what they were seeing.
It was not until the Chief Shaman/Medicine Man who could see them described to the tribe just what they were seeing that they could see.
I see (understand) what is being said.


It was through their lore that they were expecting some Deities to be arriving around that time period; that they mistook these Spaniards for the Deities expected with catastrophic consequences for them.
Just look at the spiral in the image above and see what you think you are seeing,
and realize that what you see is not always what you get.
We live and love/hate our simulated illusion. 


Our lives are an Illusion manifest,
a hologram of the sum total of our education, programmed desires and belief systems,
the sum-total of what we see and think for ourselves,
never to be able to see the All-in unison
unless we merged our consciousness with the 1 that we are, the ONE.
So, here we have a description of the new medicine to take so we can see clearly now.
Got to take the medicine, all day everyday.


End of Chapter 7
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