Chapter 6:

Energetic Bodies, Mind & Spirit: Unveiling Our Complex System


Energetic Bodies Sacred Geometry


Our Go-Anywhere Spacesuit: Understanding Energetic Bodies

Take a deep, deep breath and spend some time looking at this picture.

What we are looking at here is our go anywhere spacesuit,
full of invisible transmitters and receiving antenna like shields
dealing with all the subtle and some not so subtle.
It has dedicated thrusters
and other trillions of electromagnetic data communications
between cells updated every second.
Everybody has one, some a little better organized than others.


The New Trinity: Governed from Spirit to Mind & Body


They are governed by the forces of a New Trinity.
And it can talk and think and kiss and love = attract = force of attraction
=  force of gravity of the situation = principle of creation.
 I love you, I love me.

Very complex. Beyond mechanical.

The New Trinity governing factors:  Governed from Spirit, to Mind & Body
BODY: All different
MIND: Plus or minus 60,000 thoughts a day, some randomly related,
all different, mostly programmed by society’s expectations
and the environment we have clothed ourselves in.
A great variety of downloaded programs acquired over a lifetime.

The Ultimate Connection: Universal Mind & Divine Programming

SPIRIT, Universal Mind, all ONE with the ONE Knower, programmed by Source,

the Force, Primal Intelligence, The Divine, Creative Principle, Tao, God, the ALL.

Law absolute of an evolving Creation,

Total awareness.

Completion in no time at all.

All born from and to the first principal.


                                            * * * * *

End of Chapter 6




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