Chapter 11:

Together We Are All One: Embracing Unity and Harmony


Stylized digital art image of a translucent sphere hovering above a body of water against a clear blue sky. Inside the sphere is a nautilus shell with a universe inside of it and the shell is surrounded by a mini world inside the sphere

From Global Unity to Individual Harmony: The Power of Shared Perspectives


Together we are all One
One Planet, One Humanity, One Crew, One Human, One solution.

Complete unity within ourselves.

An image in the style of ancient text that shows a stylized sun in the center of a universe of planets that are all interconnected to each other to represent the connectedness of all things in nature and the universe



This principle states that there is a harmony which can be made, agreement and correspondence between these planes:

  • The Great Physical Plane
  • The Great Mental Plane
  • The Great Spiritual Plane”


Unfolding into Oneness

The method:

To spend time with the breath.

To become aware of.

The difference between life and death.

The source of life.

To breathe in and breathe out.

To go with that flow!

To have our focus there.

Time and time again.



A surrealistic image of a man standing on a beach in front of the ocean with a large swirling vortex of water in the sky in front of him creating a portal towards a calmer sea with the text "WHOLENESS" written across the image

In order to attain wholeness for humanity,
the planet, a continent, a nation, a state,
or closer to home, coming together as a community,
a family, a couple and as an individual,
man woman and all the above,
we will need to be able to share something very simple.
So simple that anybody no matter their capability or state of being can share.
No philosophy, political system, religion, sequence of to do’s will do;
it’s mostly too complex, to lengthy.
Every human needs to be able to qualify.
Even in the same family, we may share the same bed or dining table,
but then still we would be sharing different sides of that bed or table
and possibly be attached to that side or place as different from the other.
A wife will come from a different upbringing than the husband,
Different friends.
In order to attain wholeness, we are somewhere along the line going to need to share
the same perspective, a same viewpoint, a same point of view, the same connection,
communicate with the same frequency:
the same God, the no God,  the love of life, the same power of nature expressing itself in us.


The Sacred Breath: Our Connection to Supreme Intelligence and Oneness


Digital Surrealistic Image of a woman underwater surrounded by coral. Dreamlike imagery


The breath is the source of our life, equal for all of us.
The breath is Holy
and the link to connect to its Source, the Holy Breath or Supreme Intelligence
that breathes life into the entire Cosmos.
that breathes life into everything in existence.
Become aware of it traveling up and down our spine.
Follow it.
With it comes all the associated wisdom of having created that life.
We all share it equally, no exceptions.
By placing our focus with the breath, we can up-link to Source.
Any time, anywhere when you remember to remember.
Even just one or two breath focussed on 50 times a day,
will reset our focus to Source.
Often that is most all we can do.
We will find that same point of view,
and even though we may differ on all other viewpoints,
we will all share that same Source and
with that attain a form of Oneness and Wholeness through awareness.
There can be no denying the breath, nothing opposing it other than death.
When dead we will not need to worry about any opposing views.
Either way it’s not in the above explanation or argumentation,
but in the practice of making the hook-up that we will come to understand
the value. The practical results will deliver the proof.
Download the program direct from the Source.
Disconnect from the thinker that is separate from what others think.
Aaaaaah and read written material and watch associated video on the subject.
One way to the One,
well,,,,, maybe many, but in the end this is One way. 


a swirling vortex tunnel of braided patterns surrounded a central sun.



To think that the Cov19 thing is a cruel event perpetrated on humanity
is a mistake easily made. 
The result, the shutdown of churches and most all other media of congregation
like ballgames, movies theaters, concerts, is no accident, as there is no such thing
as an accident in the world of the All, the Omnipotent. How could there be?
In a place of all-encompassing everything source there are no mishaps.
Everything the result of an action or absence of.
The time has come for humanity and every individual human to search for solution-making inside her/it/himself,

In the Omnipresent there is no outside;
everything is included, nothing that is not.
By definition !
Endlessly distracted we are.
The Cov19 pandemic lockdown brutally revealed that.
To find the saving “First Coming” right inside of ourselves,
become the one that we already are !


A digital art image of a blooming translucent flower in the middle outer space branching off into semi-translucent and beautiful ovals of light and harmony


Being connected to the source of all things the only way,
the one way to Wholeness. As is the Tao. The Creative Principle.
The Tao is whole.
The way of the Tao is the way of the One, the Force,
The Whole.
The Tao is made up of Oneness.
In Oneness there is no time.
Is always on time.
We can rest securely in the Way of the One.
We humans are made up of the Way.
The Holy Breath, the Spirit of Supreme Intelligence.
Christ consciousness for some, same thing.
We are the One, the source of all things in our live.
the god, the no god in disguise.
The beginning, the end, and everything in between.


Beyond Polarity: Embracing the Balance of Yin, Yang, and the Breath of Life


The hardest thing in life is to lose our disguise, our garb.
Our I am identification, like: I am a sailor, a scientist, a cowboy, a mother,
a brother, a server, boss, a believer.
There can be no loss in the consciousness of the one that is the ALL.
Not an option.
Nowhere to go, but to be where we are.

Digital Art Painting of the Yin and Yang symbol hovering above a planet in outer space. One half of the symbol is made of the moon and the other is a fiery sun

No political opposition possible.


The Tao, the essence of the All, is permanent, with no end in sight.
The culture that is endless.
The perfect balance.
Both sides Yin and Yang, female and male all one.
As above, so below.


There you have it: Permanent Culture.

“Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating regenerative ways of living; a practical method for developing ecologically harmonious, ethical, human-scale and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.”


Collective Unity Digital Painting abstract artwork


Oil painting of a silhouette of the human head with a tree inside representing knowledge set against a backdrop of serene nature. In the style of surrealistic imagery


Acrylic painting of a woman in a beautiful villa smelling a flower



Yin and Yang

The process by which the All gave rise to reality
is defined in the text of the Tao-Te Jing.
These words describe how the Tao, (the Force),
(the Creator force of all things),
the essence of the All, gives birth to Nature
the life force, the Chi, Qi, the Prana,
which in turn gives birth to Yin and Yang,
the Two.
Yin is female,
moist, autumn and winter, shadows, waters and earth.
Yang is male,
dry, the sun, spring and summer, brightness and heaven.
From the perpetual interfacing of Yin and Yang comes the Three:
Heaven, Earth and on it our Humanity.
Humans must learn to balance the opposites of Heaven and Earth,
without which neither can be.
On and off, Life a combination of 0’s and 1’s in data language.
In and out,
making love.


We the One.
No president, nor government can lead us to that Oneness.
We are the One that must lead ourselves. Dance the dance.
To think that machines in the form of artificial intelligence
are going solve our destructive out of harmony ways with nature,
reset our imbalance, is not understanding the complexity of life and the supernatural,
the source of the All.
Mother nature is already very well governed it does not need the help of our intelligence,
we need more of its expressed with love.


The breath is a gift of life from the All to us all, none excepted.
Black and White, all One
Male and Female, all One.


Hard and soft.
Good and bad
Justice and injustice
will never be resolved in the consciousness of 
the world of matter, of polarity, duality, of judgement.
but only in the world no matter,
or, the no world pre-matter: the Matrix ?
In the consciousness or focus with the One,
the All, the Tao and the culture of the permanent.
The Creative Principle. 
Our one breath merged with the Holy Breath.

Breathe in
breathe out.
There is no stopping it.



The Source of all that is manifest.

Stylized digital art image of a translucent sphere hovering above a body of water against a clear blue sky. Inside the sphere is a nautilus shell with a universe inside of it and the shell is surrounded by a mini world inside the sphere




In the Consciousness of Yin and Yang; 

the Good Will


The Interplay of Time, Energy, and Our Collective Potential


And as previously posted, one more time in no time at all:

Eternal is the Breath so long as there is life.

No Life, No Matter.

This moment has no past, no future,

but is Eternal.

It is the only reality!

Eternal is the Moment!


Stylized Collage Image of the Yin and Yang Symbol in a natural abstract backdrop of serenity


This moment, the now, is eternal.

Be here now with the breath and merge with the consciousness of eternity

and with that Omnipresent, Omniscient & Omnipotency

Problems cannot exist there, only solution making.

Nobody has a corner on that market:

Not any  man or country.

Never will.

Not an option.

We are in it “all together”, all of us humans,

That the breath may be with us.

The yoga of all yoga’s.


 And, as mentioned before:

for us to come and realize that the world -as we historically knew it- did end in 2012 as had been forecast by the Maya calendar and records and likewise prophesied to happen in these times in the Bible and some other Scriptures.

Now it is for us to come terms with that and see if we want to let it all continue to that end or to help create a whole new world.
We as a humanity all together have the potential for both.
AUM, Amen.


In the consciousness of One.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” —Albert Einstein

The energy that Einstein is referring to could also be called the “Qi”, “Chi” or Prana.
The Chi, the life energy that moves our breath.
Gives and sustains life.

Qi Gong, Tai Chi and many other practices

can enhance the flow of the Qi in our bodies 

and thus, energize them, heal them.


Give birth to the paradisiacal.


digital painting of a woman with a universe at her center and constellation signs surrounding here. Surrealistic artwork


For the why and how to connect to and download that potential into our being the consciousness of the One, the All, the Allah, the God, Creative Principle, the Force, the whatever, see the previous chapters.


In the midst of knowing we are.
Where our attention goes, we go.
In this meditation & contemplation find liberation from limitation.

We each and everyone of us are an expression
of a mixture of Infinite love, Intelligence & Power,
some of us more of one aspect than the other.


Endings as Beginnings: Reflections on the Infinite Journey of Oneness


Life is a journey,
to go on that journey the goal, to live the experience.
We will never arrive,
the journey is the end result,
suffering is in not forging ahead with the journey.
Lets go already!!



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The End of Chapter 11
The End and the Beginning are all One


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