Chapter 5:

Spaceship Earth: United for Survival


Surrealistic Painting of Spaceship Earth


The Marvel of Spaceship Earth, the Planet

How long will it take till we wake-up to our destination?

A few more building blocks:

Let us quickly look at some aspects of this Planet,
the very place where we can express our unity and
broaden our perspective,
come to love or clobber each other
before proceeding to the nitty-gritty.

Spaceship Earth, our Planet, One Planet, the only One,
one Spaceship, is all we got:
a huge complex undertaking.
1 Crew, one humanity—we’re all along for the ride;
no escaping the ride.

Free, except that we must accommodate ourselves
as we proceed though time and space
while manifesting the program we are running on.
What program is that?
Do we realize that we are running on a programmable program?
A program that can be changed and reprogrammed.

This Planet, this Space/starship
is traveling at some 67,000 miles per hour
though a virtually totally alien space around the sun, giving us seasons.
We would need a spacesuit to be out in that space,
and we better be hooked up to a food and drink supply—
as well as fresh air to breathe.
Traveling at almost Mach 100 (100 times the speed of sound),
we are already in awe when we see one of our warplanes traveling just at Mach 1 or 3.
One hundred times faster is beyond our comprehension.

 We have quite the bio/physics thing going here!
There is nothing we have that can go that fast,
not even a bullet (at max just 1,700 m/hr, Mach 2 or 3).
traveling 40 times faster than a bullet, we could learn to catch them!
Better yet, stop making them in the first place.
Who is it that we are shooting at but ourselves.

All of us in first place without bullets.?!

Human Distractions and Existential Questions

What we have here is a Miracle Inc.,
having taken on the matter of Earth,
flying along with its crew, our humanity.
Are you wondering where we are going? The next pregnancy?
Getting married? Got a Job? Flip some pancakes? Traveling to another Galaxy?
A good time? A food time, A play time, A sleep time? A happy time?
The thing is that most all the systems needed to keep this planet going
are so far beyond our comprehension that we have surrendered that understanding
to a so-called God or biological system the limits of which we also do not really understand,
and certainly a caretakers job we do not master.
Nor do we know exactly what that will look like,
direct from the other side of a black hole.
Out of our control—maybe even out of control !
Then in the absence of that understanding
we go to the ball game, an art performance or sing along, a war,
and distract our focus away from the very power and intelligence that gives us life.
The take is that if the Planet, in its manifestation the way it is,
is Miraculous,
would it then be possible that we humans living on this big incredible Earth Spaceship
are ALSO MIRACLES manifest,
and potentially live lives reflecting that?
Every ONE of us? Yah way!
I am a miracle manifest!
We all together are great miracles manifest, mostly absent in time and space.

Meanwhile our focus is diverted on wondering
if a Tesla can beat my new truck in a drag race
and who should win the ballgame or horserace,
or maybe a war or two, will I get abused?
Will artificial intelligence beat the intelligence
that creates nature, life and galaxies?

Our Protective Atmosphere better be in an un-compromised condition.

Could it be that there is a possibility that
this whole incredible creation of a planet with us on it
is not a place just for hard labor.
No place to find satisfaction other than for fleeting moments.
Survival of the fittest; the winner of the game,
A rush between birth and death,
ideally with some very violent and horrific idealistic never-ending wars,
and perpetuated by a huge money making armament machine that needs to move its product
and create wars to test their efficacy.
Folks that make or sell bombs want more business, just like everybody else.
This really sunk in for me one day when I asked a client/crew
when we where sailing the balmy seas of the Caribbean
recreating ourselves,
I asked him what kind of work he did.
His response: I sell bombs and armaments.
Floored me right there, and since then always wondered
what the expansion plans for his business would look like.
A swamp? Nothing like engineering some software or a new app.
Study the self, see how I can improve my position?
Artificial intelligence, have an orgasm?
Experience ecstasy?
Self awareness.
Be happy, and enjoy my life shared with other humans.

An island hut representing BLISS


KISS (Keep It Simple Stu) = BLISS

Human devastation by our own hands
and some highly coveted periods of seeming peace and prosperity?
When dead it doesn’t matter how many friends or how much money you had.
It would be good to reflect on this for a minute,
in terms of getting a few folks together
to create such a planet with all its nature, biosphere, climatic systems,
surf on the beach, gravity, force of attraction
and incredibly beautiful humans all making love!
Today only a few of us have that capacity, unless we all got together,
and decided that that is what we wanted to celebrate.
A thanksgiving for all the beauty of this Planet and its humanity.

There can never be a day without the Planet,
and never a day without the intelligence that created it and us on it.
To think we could possibly be fine without a country here and there,
but never without a planet, not for a fraction of a second.
Celebrate the Force of Nature
and that we are alive amidst all this Magic.
No need to shop till we drop: we have the planet under our feet for free.
Become pregnant with the well-being of this Planet.

Why not?


Earth as a Shared Home and Unity


The Dichotomy of Human Life

One Earth Crew, one Universal family
divided over almost 200 different countries—
all following the directions of some 200 different Commanders-in-Chief.
All with different directions, languages, customs, different priorities.
Meanwhile the Planet goes only in One direction, One course.
A natural phenomenon Planet,
that, if it were just a few degrees off course,
it would be so cold no life could exist, or just the other way,
closer to the sun, it would literally fry our brains out.
Incredibly precise on course we must be
to avoid running out of support systems.
Life on this planet is something like
a fraction of a billion billions to one that it could happen:
miracles do not even have such odds, but we do.
(Just bear with me here for a few minutes,
we must come to terms with these issues like it or not.)

Come to think about it,
it is going to take a lot more than all the money in the world to stay on course.
All our combustion engines suck in oxygen we need to breathe,
and in the process, they exhaust poisonous gas to the point of saturation.
The same for us humans: stick us in a sealed box
and we will suffocate quickly from the exhaust of our own out breath.
A car with the engine running parked inside a closed doors garage
would kill everybody in that space in less than 30 minutes.
Entire families no matter their faith have passed lately
because their hybrid car was accidentally left running with the super quite engine
in the garage with the door into the house left open.
The atmosphere surrounding our planet is also a closed circuit.
What we need to come to understand is
that it is not just the exhausting of CO2 that is a problem,
but that a huge amount of breathable air is being used
in the combustion process that produces those gasses.

Every gallon of exhausted gas takes one gallon of good air coming in.
A small 4-liter displacement car engine, (equal to one gallon)
running at 2,000 revolutions per minute
would in just a 1-hour commute suck up 480,000 gallons of breathable air,
2,000,000 liters.
That is just one car—and we have a billion of them going every day,
2,000,000,000,000,000 liters/day. (Approx.)
not counting the trucks, trains, airplanes and power generating plants. 
(The average commercial jet  burns 2 to 4 liters of fuel and copious amounts of breathable air every second
and there are 10th of thousands of them in the air continuously, 24/7).
Power plants generating electricity running 24/7,
all together consuming some
8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 approx. liters of
air/oxygen each day, converting it into for us toxic gas. (numbers approximates.)
To think that that will not change anything is amazing.
This shows just how far down the rabbit hole we have gone.
The layer of breathable air surrounding the planet
needed for human consumption for all practical purposes
is only about 2 miles thick, approximately 12,500 feet,
above which in aviation by rule
you would have to carry supplemental oxygen so we can think straight.
Clearly make aeronautical related decisions.
Just look at something just 2 miles away and come to understand
that layer is very thin and not take much to alter its composition.

Screenshot about oxygen systems and what is needed to survive at increased elevations


A paper thin layer on any kind of scale,
like a model of the globe/planet you might have sitting in your classroom or living room.
Paper thin!
How long at our present rate of consumption do you think it would take
to consume that?
Not very long.
Mother Nature does not have the instant capacity
to come up to speed with that new demand
suddenly required in the last 150 years
of our humanity’s expansion and application of technology.
On top of that, all these combustion engines, our buildings and roads create heat,
gazillions of engines create enormous amounts of heat
that does not just go off to the moon:
the heat stays captured in our atmosphere and thus heats up the planet.
Better think about that every time we crank an engine,
or climb on an airplane to visit a friend, or family.

Our solution-making is going to need to follow a similar
straight up graph as shown in the picture below.
We have that capacity.

graph of Social Development as it has proceeded through time into the present


There is no app for that,
not on the smartest computer frame, or human in the world.
No application.
We would have to plant a lot of trees and plants
or expand on the oxygen producing oceans,
but there is no more room for that.
Well, come to think of it,
that we are in the progress of expanding our oceans into folk’s living rooms.
Way to go!
Knock knock, anybody home?

photograph of a flooded house from the outside due to the increased Environmental Imperative


We must come to realize what is going on.
Regardless of what we would like to believe.
There will be no turning back the clock if we make a mistake in our observations.
There is no need for a scientist to explain this: plain simple logic will do just fine.
No duality there. Open up to understanding the principles at work.
We have the well-being of this/our world in our all hands.



Illustration of a Native American tribal leader with a small universe in his hand


Illustration of the Earth from space showing lights reflecting from the surface of the planet

( At the scale of the picture above the thickness of the air we need to live comfortably would only as thin as a sheet of saran wrap.) 


We are all equally born to this Planet Spaceship.


It would take at the present speed of our rockets 12 years
just to get to the edge of our solar system,
maybe half the time if we could take the Planet.
The Sun would be no bigger than a small star viewed from there.
We would lose its warmth and light.
Our place is in this orbit around the Sun.
No other place can do.
We must learn how to convert CO2 and or produce a lot less,
stop warring with each other for no other reason than different belief systems.


Some folks will contest that we can affect the quality of air.
Contesting is free. Go live in a small valley some place where they are
using a lot of wood stoves, or maybe Peking, LA, Miami or Shanghai with a lot of traffic.
What will not change is that for the principle of combustion to complete itself
toxic gasses are produced. How much will be too much?
By the time we finish arguing about it, and if the out come is that yes
our combustion is the problem, it will be too late for our biological systems
to reverse the process.


The Need for Unity and Planetary Stewardship


Thus, let us get our crew ticket and plug in to making it happen.
for ourselves right here on this Planet.
Let’s become One Crew, One Humanity, One Family, One Thanksgiving.
All together under the Command of the Creative Principle. Spirit.
Let’s surrender to it now within ourselves and
receive the whole Power and Intelligence of that Principle,
that reigns Supreme in all the Universes.
Surrender to the Holy Breath, the Supreme Intelligence,
Universal mind, all One.
Partner up, build an alliance.


One way to go would be at the speed of this Principle,
since it is present everywhere, and is right here right now.
It will take no time at all to go from one space to another,
one consciousness to another.
We could be there in the blink of an eye.
Never mind the speed of light, or warp speed for that matter—
nobody wants to get warped out.
The speed of intent?
So long as we are in this world, speed is relative.
The question is: how soon I can start to download
the program that the Creative Principle runs to create
and sustain the Universe that we live in so that we can start harmonizing
with it and improve my/our situation right here where we are.!

Right now, is the only time: there will never be another time.

Be here now

Go figure, and that is exactly what we are going to do:
we are going to lay it out for ourselves, from beginning to end.
The trick is that since there is no beginning nor an end to this Principle
we can only gain access right here right now.
There is no 8-year curriculum for our doctoral degree in this.
No other way, potentially instantly.
To be frank, for me the download is taking some time;
the wireless connection is at times sporadic, distractive—it’s the babes on the beach,
the ballgames, my boss and the dessert choices.
However, it must be done, and we must Go all the way now.

Life support for our “I am” into infinity will be needed
before we run out of time and/or breathable air.

We must learn to merge with eternity
so that when we run out of time we can just slide into the next chapter,
where body, planet, one consciousness,
one form of light energy is completely animated,
completely intelligent and endlessly creative.
I am that what I really am.

I am the Universal Mind made manifest, functioning with happiness.

How many forms will that take?

Just one, we are it, the One we have been waiting for.

Yah Way to go.

I know we will wake up  

I am here now taking a step into forever.

The paths are too Now, the new docking Station.


Behold, for the Day Star from on high is here now, to light the way for those who sit within the darkness of the shadow-land, and guide our ways to the feast of peace.

 * * * * *

End of Chapter 5
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