Chapter 4

Crown of Creation & Pyramid Power: Harnessing Supreme Universal Intelligence for Transformation

Stylized Illustration of a $100 dollar bill with a giant eye and the bill is a pyramid

Introduction: Placing Our Consciousness in Unity with the All, the Universal Mind, or Supreme Intelligence that reigns Supreme in all the Universes


The more we gain personal power and money, the further we drift from finding common ground and unity. But what if we could transcend this disconnect by merging our consciousness with the Divine? This section explores the concept of placing our consciousness in the consciousness of the All, the Supreme Intelligence that encompasses everything.

It highlights the Universal Mind, an omnipresent intelligence that exists beyond creation, with no power greater than it. The All.
By tapping into this consciousness, unity and harmony for all can be achieved. The section sets the stage for the exploration of harnessing Pyramid Power and the transformative potential it holds. Let us go see what that looks like.


The Promise of Sustainable Growth and Permaculture


Following our senses from the brow down:
Our eyes all see differently, what we “see” is what we get. All different.

Through our ears, we all hear differently, dance to different drummers, and hear what we want to hear. Interpretations are music to my ears. All different.

With the nose we all smell differently—mmmm those perfumes, that cooking smell, the different smell of flowers, selective, the likes. All different.

With our mouths and voices, we all speak different, languages, words, ideas, tastes, and flavors. Do not tell me. It is a secret!  Ahhh the kiss, the lips, feast on them. All different.

With our heart, we love certain people, things, environments, never all, opposing parties & political systems, and games. All different.

With our gut we want and manifest all differently, “I got this gut feeling”. All different. Word has it that our gut has as much brain power as the one between our ears in our headspace, our dome. The time has maybe come for humanity to start raising up our decision-making and place our focus a few notches towards that heavenly sphere, our skull, our cranium, the Crown of Creation.

With our stomach’s choices, we desire and order different foods, menus upon menus…Endless recipes.
All different.

With our sex, we plant seeds for all different babies, different colors, different shapes, different intentions, education, and abilities. All different. Love the sex! Let’s have more of it! Share it—but not the babies. Cut back on them.
Sex is a be here now event, and that is why we like it so much. It feels so good. There’s no need for a baby as a conclusion every time we have it!


The Potential of Infinite Solutions and Surpassing Biological Limitations

The world population is EXPANDING by ONE MILLION FOLKS EVERY 3 or 4 DAYS. Housing and food need to be there for them.

Extraordinary exponential expansion.

From less than a billion in the year 1700 to today 2022, 8 billion. As a crew of the spaceship Planet Earth that is a concern. There is nowhere to pull up someplace and resupply. It is not our family that is of the highest priority, though important, but the well-being of the planet upon which our family lives. We have no place else to go. ( See next chapter for more detail.) This planet is our only ever home, and we have no insurance in case of its demise. We are not covered. We must get coverage. or find another planet that will take refugees. Lots of them.

I have seen advertisements for many different places on this planet, but none for other planets to visit, except maybe Mars. But I heard there may already be aliens settled there.

We must guard ourselves accordingly.

Businesses and governments love families and promote the expansion of them. Families buy a lot of stuff, more folks to pay taxes, Parents are so busy working to support these families that there is no time to think for themselves. Nor have time to seek freedom. In the harness toeing the line so to speak. Our economies are based on an ever-expanding gross production of people and goods; that is not sustainable unless we invent some nano way to produce these goods along with unlimited amounts of fresh air.

Too much already? Just keep scrolling

This story is not so much about the environment nor the argument for or against it changing, That is all part of living in a world of duality & polarity, as it is about harmony and unity amongst mankind and the one creative force we can call the One.

Below the planets population in the year 0001

Chart showing population in year AD 1

Below the planet’s population in the year 500
an increase of 0.04 X in 500 years of the planet’s population since year 1.


Human Population Chart around the world at 177M total


Below the planet’s population in the year 1,000
a 2 X increase or double in 500 years


259 million people on the earth planetary chart


Below the planet’s population in the year 2000, a —33 X increase— in the last 1,000 years, expanding exponentially like our data-crunching machines.

This is not sustainable. All sucking up that fresh air
with our bodies, cars, planes, factories, electrical generation, heating, and cooling equipment in our homes and places of work. Endless machines creating heat, darkened waters absorbing heat, where we had ice before reflecting that heat, and dark materials like roads, and parking lots, multiply the production of heat.

When that air gets much over our body temperature things start changing pretty quickly. We are seeing many parts of the globe now with temperatures well over 100 degrees. 4 degrees above our body temperature there can be no more cooling that body. Without Air Conditioning, few can survive.
Then when the power goes off so will the AC with death to follow suite.!


Chart of the earth at total population of 9.5 billion inhabitants

The above pictures were taken from a video made by the American Museum of Natural History


Graph from the American Museum of Natural History showing population growth across major events in human civilization


Take a good look at the graph at the bottom of the image above. We will revisit how this graph is similar to one of many other events happening on the planet today. I am gathering these graphs to show how they are all trending almost straight up in terms of the element of time in the last few years,

Let us start with the value of money, our new God. Some parts of the stock market for some folks, the earth’s temperature and weather phenomena, the melting ice, technology and the way it helps human life, artificial intelligence, rockets, sea levels rising, development of our ability to understand, the focus of our consciousness, computing power, speed of data transfers, 10 year old’s learning with iPads and Androids in school, self-driving cars and trucks. Insurance premiums !!!!!,  Google Home, instant answers to the most complex questions in a fraction of time, indicating the potential for things to change from one moment to the next in no time at all. Artificial Intelligence coming in at warp speed.

When that graph is going straight up the element of time will be taken out of the equation. Where if our consciousness and focus is locked in time, as it is for most folks today, planning the future based on past experience, changes might happen so quickly that most of us will not be able to relate. Today’s state of affairs is beginning to show that already.

We got a nice serving of that now with the COVID-19 event. It took over the world in just 10 days. Unless we can learn to place our focus on that consciousness in the ever-present now. Not so concerned with the past, but built on what we can clearly see now, concerned where it might lead in the future.

Unlimited change in no time. Watch the changes Artificial Intelligence is going the bring.
Infinite acceleration.

Yet, also total security & sustainability the potential (Sustainability: The ability to be maintained at a certain (acceptable) level into perpetual time.)

Permaculture, permanent culture!

Below are other examples of a graph that is going straight up. The beauty of the straight-up part is that if our ability to connect to the Creative Principle, the Force, the God, will also follow the tendency of these graphs, which is showing its potential today, we are in for a fantastic time, being able to download the presently unimaginable into our solution making capabilities. If only our paychecks would also follow a graph like this. The thing of it is, for most, it is not; Plus no oxygen bank where we can go for a loan of the stuff when we run out of fresh air.

From the looks of it, we may already be overdrawing our account. Gold and silver and earthy possessions can be accumulated but fresh air cannot. Digital money, that only exists in a banks or exchange or computer? What if the power goes off?  No way to pay!  As a matter of fact, most of the above graphs are already obsolete in today’s exponentially expanding environment.
To illustrate how exponential goes let us look at the following numbers:

1  2  3  4  5   6   7   8   9   10    linear in 10 counts we get 10.

1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 to exponentially we get 512 in the same 10 time/counts.

To look at that in another way, what took 10 years to complete in the past, will now take 1/512 of that time; or what used to take 10 years will now happen in 7 days—and the next 10 years in 3.5 days and the next in 1.75 and the next in less than a day, in the next in a blink of the eye. The good thing about that is that if ever we have a world war that historically would take 10 years to complete, will then be over in a day. Very atomic…, no winners there!

The good thing is, that potentially our ability to interface with Spirit, the Universal intelligence and the Force will follow a similar curve into endless, or in spiritual terms “Infinite”. “Infinite Love, Intelligence and Power.”, ( the 3 aspects of the Creative Principle, Spirit, the Divine.)
We can all use a good dose of that.

In the next 50 years, it is forecast that we will see progress or digress equal to the last 20,000 years. This pattern will result in unimaginable circumstances in this century leading to a singularity that equals infinity—like no end in sight, like eternal. That means a merging with totality which would be like a merging with the Force,
The Creative Principle some call God. Endless creativity in no time at all. Unlimited solution making our future, our now. Or beyond our imagination chaos the potential. Our choice.

Below is a curve of computer chip development, equal to our intelligence potential. From bud to flower in the blink of an eye.


Graph showing the advent of computer chip development over time


Our ability to interface with the Force will follow this same potential if in alliance with that Force, that Creative Principle. Development of our inner space instead of the outer. A focus that can be attained by surpassing our biological limitations.


Impregnating Thought with Love: The Power of Attraction


Thought, impregnated with love becomes invincible. (Law of attraction)

Below is another chart showing the promise of us coming into a consciousness that will be able to find infinite solutions to our present limited applications supported by NASA’s scientific research. Observations show that potential to manifest in no time at all, proving the need to get on with it now. Time waits for no one. Tall waterproof boots will be a great investment for some, as well as full-face respirators for the smoke from forest fires.


Chart showing rising sea levels


Dike building will be taken to a whole new level. Let’s hope now our consciousness will rise at the same rate. There will be no end in sight!

We will find out just how in the following material.

A real eye-opener.

Looks like we are red-lining it, exceeding the limitations set by the designer/manufacturer the Force that sustains this creation. This might just void the warranty of the human dream on this planet.

Below is yet another graph pointing right at us, where we can see that the element of time will be taken out of the equation and we can conclude that the world we have historically known ended in 2012 as was forecast that it would.

Progressing Towards Interfacing with the Creative Principle

Since we are all still here, indications are that we are headed for our human development and progress potential to reach the road that has no end; and that is also the road to interfacing with the Creative Principle, Spirit, God.

The Lord her/him/itself. Where God and Man are One. Christ consciousness if you want. The Godhead in spiritual terms, a consciousness that has no beginning and no end and is all-encompassing, All Intelligence for all, will take the term “democracy” to a whole new level. The All cannot oppose itself. No polarity. Thus true peace. Not attainable through Artificial Intelligence.

This All’s Intelligence is present everywhere, omnipresent; knows everything about everything, there is no place where it is not present, It’s like Universal WiFi coverage, and thus, we can conclude that it’s everywhere inside of us too. Or, to put it another way, we are fully made up of it. We are “it” incorporated.

The sum of the above and below graphs shows that we, each and every one of us, have reached the potential to merge with the consciousness that contains that All Intelligence: a merging with the ONE potential possibility. In spiritual terms, we could say that “heaven descended upon earth”, within everyone on this planet.

Below is a graph of Social Development as it has proceeded through time from 2,000 yrs BC into the present. Going through the roof, no telling where! Like snow in the Sierra Nevadas in 2023. No way to predict for the talking heads. We do not know. Only in the now as it progresses in time can we come to know. Full situational awareness.


graph of Social Development as it has proceeded through time into the present

STOP, STOP, Please, spent some time and study the above graph, and come to understand what has changed in just the last 150 years. this is not just a linear development, but a in no time at all development, radical changes from one moment to the next is what we are seeing today, now. Other than the great floods that happened possibly some 10,000 years ago we have no historic precedence of this kind of development. The now is not in time, always on time and never runs out.
Nothing like going to the bank and cashing your check, neither bank nor check might be there next time you look. This is already happening now to a lot of folks. Their houses with everything in it burned or swept away or the power goes off for more that a few hours.True security is not at the bank. we must wake up to a different kind of security. Security in insecurity will be security.

To consider, a liberation from belief systems as proposed in the above and below Paragraphed sections, and the following contemplations. (An apparent quote by Jesus when studying in India): “When belief is lost in faith; and in fruition is lost; and man is saved when he has reached deific life; when he and God are One.”
We are all one.

Merge with the Infinite in Consciousness, through a direct ability to download that consciousness into our being. 

Now is forever, now is where we want to be to act and create.
Action: Act I on, or, -I act on- placing my consciousness from a place of limitation into one of none, on the One. Every human included by definition.

Below we will see how to proceed. However, first, we have a few more building/foundation blocks to put in place.


Learning from Aliens and Exploring Pyramid Power


Photograph of the Earth from the Moon


Above is our planet as seen from an orbiter that went around the moon, possibly to see if aliens were living on the backside. Looks like a nice place to put some beach chairs, and watch the Earth turn,
except there is no water and no fresh air to breathe, no valet service, no playing volleyball. No ice cream, only I scream.

Thinking of doing some space traveling? The picture below shows OUR PLANET in the lower right, a very small pinhead WHITE/BLUE DOT as seen from a Voyager spacecraft circling the planet Saturn.
Are you sure you want to travel that far? It’s minus 273 degrees F or minus 134 degrees C out there—you are going to need a serious coat and hat!
Ever try to put groceries for 8 for a 3-week trip in a car?
Imagine loading a rocket for 8 billion folks to get off this planet. Beyond imagination, not an option. At the speed of our current rockets it will take 12 years just to get to the edge of our solar system, and…….. 12 years to get back, that will be a 24-year trip. a lot of food & drink, it would help if we can grow those foods on our spaceship, and we can, on our spaceship Earth.
Please proceed safely and with all the care we can.

Going to space on a rocket is for just a few very adventurous souls. For us, there is only one way to go. We must go all the way now, recreate our trip around the Sun right here on this Planet.
It is going to take a Miracle.
Yes a Miracle, however the mere fact that we are alive on this planet is a Miracle.

We all together in one global community, and in the consciousness of One is that Miracle!
One Holy Breath.


Rings Around Saturn


I’ve come to think that these Aliens zipping around in their IFO’s (Identified Flying Objects) would have to have been and still would be infused by the same Principle of Creation, the same Source that is creating and sustaining us. Possibly they run on a different program, filling out different forms and shapes. Could we learn from them? They learn from us?

Technically they might be many thousands of (light) years ahead of us. Traveling at the speed and direction of intend and focused thought. Joining us to go all the way now. Could we possibly have been born from a mutation of them thousands of years ago, a genetically modified Adam and Eve Alien? From before Biblical times if ever there was such a time. Are we all the immaculate conception? Is our DNA infused with a link to the Creative Principle itself? Born from the first particle. Distributed and programmed by the Lord force itself?

Just dwell, focus, and think about that for a moment, please. It’s a very big deal, a way bigger deal than a country’s president could ever make for us. No matter the deal, it’s all up to us. There is no force outside of us to blame, no game, no fame to be had by anyone, but the total crew of our mother, the spaceship planet Earth.

We, the Humanity of occupants of this Planet must act now! If we do not, some foreign agency will. Waiting for the United Nations to act? Agenda 2030? A different president? The WEF?
See anybody that qualifies? Are trucks full of white helmets coming to tell us what to do? A liberal or conservative dually divisive governing system? We better get on with it ourselves. Unite as one humanity, govern from that unity.

For a vessel to go to sea or a plane to cruise the skies it will have crew and resources carrying capacity limitations. Exceed the limitations and the safety of the vessel/plane/vehicle/planet to sustain itself will be put at risk. A cruise to Neverneverland.?

We must change the program that we are running on.

Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today, because tomorrow will never come. Today is here and now. Fully available to us. Now is the only time we can really do something.

How with all that being so different for all of us, the one from the other, are we ever going to be able to expect to really come together as One? There is but One Humanity to deal with these limitations. Thanks for giving your Focus to the One, the Force, the Principle of Creation, the Tao, the Holy Breath, the Supreme Intelligence, the God. One thanks for being all Human. We are an expression of that Force in corpo.


Yin and Yang symbol with text that say Here & Now on it


Time waits for no ONE
A 5-star effort
Pour on the power now

* * * * *


The Initiation Ceremony and Practices in the Great Pyramids


Image of the all seeing eye on the back of the american dollar bill


The one and only thing we could possibly all agree on is that we would like the see a lot more of the pyramid symbol above printed and issued on legal dollar paper in the form of money and issued to us as a gift. Endlessly. And print we do.

Forget it

Rest  one place for all of humanity to come together.
Rest one place in our all bodies, the one place we all do have in common is a cranium, our skull, a dome, the heavenly sphere, right above the eyebrows, from the brow up. Heaven is right inside of each and every one of us, to be had in the blink of an eye, to be attained and seen, observed, by our 3rd eye! Blink it, baby. Open it up. Start the sight, the seeing, clear seeing. Clear understanding of our life situations, Unite as One in the Womb of the “Force”!

Now that might be a bit much for us to understand in one swoop, so please just hang in there. Get our life preserver out. Float for a bit. Stay home for a bit. Stop running from one place to the next. We are approaching a subject here that has been missing from our curriculum for a long time so we would have plenty of time to really make a mess before going for an update to our current dually relating polar operating program. It is going to take some time to update or delete the old program for that matter. But update we must!

Update the way we think.
Update where we place our focus.
Update the way we create energy.
Update the way we govern ourselves.
Update our government governing us.

Below is part of the USA’s Constitution that made this country the most powerful nation in the world in just 200 years after thousands and thousands of years of tyranny and wars in that world. In the absence of this, it is going to take just 15 more years to dissolve this extraordinary progress, lost in the world of matter as we are.


Here we go now: transit from the Material world to the Spiritual, the basic makeup of creation.

All Matter, all Material, all of us, come from and will return to the Spiritual. The Source.

Transit to a “none” denominational world from the one that separates us that we have today, to unity & harmony.

Domes in Churches, Temples, Holy Shrines, the Taj Mahal, government buildings, the Capital buildings—all places where we seek solutions, all dome-like spheres, Heavenly Spheres.
Each and every one of us has our own personal dome right on top of our bodies, no one excepted.


Close your eyes for a minute and look up inside of your forehead and see possibly the same thing most all folks will see no matter their race, color, or age. We would also just be seeing the beginning of a Brand-New World vision from a perspective we can all equally relate to, like receiving directions to an atmosphere of heaven.

Good heavens. Lost in thought again am I? Waiting for “The Man” to fix it for us? The Second Coming? What Man? What Woman? Who? What coming? See anybody other than yourself?
All 8.5 billion of us in line to prostrate ourselves before this being on Sunday mornings? Where?

To find the spot to visit, to focus, one could find some pictures of some Indian woman or man. They have a small red dot painted right there just above the bridge of the nose between our eyes. Look up a bit.
Please practice with care.


Stylized illustration of a translucent woman's face with a star shining in the center


Image of a woman's face with a star superimposed in the center of her face


Inside this dome, the “Crown of Creation”, is our 3rd eye, the One Eye that can see the same as all other 3rd eyes. The same dollar works for everyone because it is the eye that can see the Godhead at work. The Creative Principle, the Principle of Creation, the Yahweh, the Source of All Things, the Primordial Light, so bright. It can do the ultimate math, and the thing is that when we all behold that sight, we all can come to understand -virtually- the same principle.

The principle of peace.

Well, somewhat, if one person were to explain what they saw to another, they would all agree that they were seeing things the same way. Same source. This is the way to the One Way of coming into agreement. Univision, the same Uni Verse, One Verse, One Vibration, One Harmony, One Synchronicity, All One Principle, the All. One law of Creation, One Force, the Tao. No one has a patent on it.

We are evolving into law Absolute, And we will Unite with this “Source the Force”! That is the place where can be seen different degrees of the divine Matrix. The light of Revelation, Illumination, Delighted, De Light. No end in sight, no end to the understanding coming from it, all One. Jedi vision, the source of inspiration. This is the Light that at full potential remains when the atom, electron, proton or whatever is subjected to the ultimate and last split when nothing but energy remains. A vibration, a frequency. of oneness.

Most of us will see descending or ascending levels of this vibration. Descending as we have into this flesh; ascending as we leave this flesh back up into this light, the source of unity and peace. The ultimate science. We a part of the first particle ever. Made up of these particles.

Energy & Consciousness we ultimately are.


The Bible talks about this single eye:

“If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”
Actually in my experience more like one of understanding, fulfillment and insight.
Few folks will actually be able to see this light, no need.
The promised land.


Egyptian Hieroglyphics


4,640 years ago, the suggested time of building the pyramids—how could the Egyptians have known what the pineal gland looked like to chisel this above picture in their art? Humanity did not even have sharp knives at that time, let alone radiology machines. It would be good to lift the veil of this mystery


Eye of Horus Correlation with human limbic system


And then there were the Egyptians and or other civilizations not historically acknowledged. In some way, they were there before and after the great floods, and they built the Great Pyramid. ( well, somebody did.)  I suspect (believe but do not know), the power of the 3rd eye might have had something to do with the building process. We still today do not really understand how and who accomplished this, or what force they used.

We as a humanity today have not developed that capability, or at least as a society we do not exercise that capability, We do not teach the value, lost and found in the world of matter as we are. Change frequency, change the force of gravity? Change the relation to weight? Lift a 50 ton block of granite by changing the harmonies?

It does not matter the origin, it is this pineal gland functioning as the 3rd, and single eye and has been inside every human since the beginning of time. We are material babies born from invisible light.

Can we really believe this connection can be found, seen, understood, and experienced from a book? Different books, holy books, rewritten, different editions and translations of books—original, first edition, un-doctored and uninterpreted books. Can a book see or give sight? Your book yes, but my book, no? No way!

Books are for explanations, manuals, and stories—Mostly intellectual or historical exposes. Nothing intellectual about the functions of Mother Nature. 

The record shows that NO we cannot raise our consciousness by reading a book unless every page was printed with infinite light from beyond duality.


Image representing the Akashic Records

* * * * *
Want to blow up all the domes of all the different belief systems?

There is not a human that does not have a different belief system from another. Think again, or better yet, go check out this omnipresent non-dual Source! Now we might not see all this light. Matter of fact, very likely you will see darkness, with some splashes going on, a lot of them, maybe some geometric shapes. Kaleidoscope type visuals.

For now, until a greater understanding has come from aligning ourselves with this sighting, just keep looking, one moment at a time, here and there. There’s no need for hours of meditation. The Source, the All, is not bound by time, is here in no time at all. Everlasting it is. Placing our focus in this 3rd eye, having a presence there, the downloading of cosmic insight and understanding starts. We must take time like we take time to go to school. Get exposure to it. Graduate thru the different dimensions in our time.

Prostrate ourselves into that dimension.

Exposure to this in-sight in any way or form, in any amount of time dedicated to it, will give insight, understanding, reveal truth, and download uplifting circumstances in the state of affairs in our life. Our all lives. Bring abundant circumstances. Not necessarily directly in the form of money, but our burdens will be lightened, our lives lifted out of limitations holding us down from limited to unlimited. Perfect timing, Infinite solution-making from beyond our furthest imagination. Source cannot be imagined, not dispersed from a lectern. must be personally experienced. No limit to the education. Free. The “degree” received will not be on a piece of paper issued by a school but through the rewards of an elevated “Degree of Dedicated Focus.” A Doctorate in Focus issued by the Lord the Force itself.

Below is more perspective on the Inner Eye found on Google.

Screenshot of text

Screenshot of text part 2

The Master is the “Consciousness of the Primordial Creative Principle, the Force, the Universal mind”, from which the All of Creation comes forth, the pre-atomic infinite understanding from where all that is matter proceeds. Like the other side of the black hole. Let there be Light!  More revelation!, Beyond transparency. All is revealed.

Equal rights to sight beyond limits. Infinite Intelligence can never be blocked or stopped, will never give up, always be in truth, and never not be. There can be no duality in infinity, no guilty party; available right inside of Each and Every One of Us.


Stylized image of human energy and knowledge in the shape of a flowering plant


Image of a latin woman smelling a flower


From vision into reality

Study other texts and YouTube videos about this, there’s plenty of it out there, till we are comfortable with it. Just know that in the end, our understanding of what we are addressing here will come from our/your inside out. We will end up seeing clearly; understand that it is all One way and the same Principle for all of us. Only different as it will express itself through our individual selves. No Oxford against Cambridge hard rowing race; we will all be rowing downstream and end up in an Ocean of Love, Intelligence, and Power, the 3 aspects of the Force, Christ consciousness, the Tao, and the One.


A screenshot of an inspiration quote

The Force of Gravity that reigns supreme in all the Universes works the same for All of Us. Get Light—everything in this world of Matter that Matters comes from it and is sustained by it.

Plug in. Connect.
Upload yourselves into Source by placing your Focus there; then exercise its actions in your life.
Obi One

Make it home, the church, the temple, the mosque, comfortably inside our own dome, the heavenly sphere, the Crown Jewel of Creation, spend time there. Make Magic amid chaos. We will and must come to understand that no matter our belief system we are all created and sustained by the same Principle of Creation, the same law governs us All. Everything.!

The All governs All.


Illustration of the chakra system stylized


Become grateful for the opportunity to exercise the ultimate potential of our being. Live and love in gratitude.


Stylized Quote

This picture above is from the Gratitude folks Stacy and Ken

Pyramid Power and Meditative form


Meditation and Pyramid Power


In order to better understand why certain things perform better than others take a look at pyramids. Contrary to popular belief that pyramids are glorified tombs for pharaohs, their queens, and other high-ranking persons like high priests, there is another reason, an electro-magnetic reason to take into consideration, a Sacred Geometry reason.


Image of Sacred Geometry


The form shape and facets of a pyramid together generate a geo-physical-physics Magnetic Force. This Force radiates, let us call it a growing, preserving, and initiating all-revealing energy. If we were to store certain foods inside this power field existing in a pyramid that food would stay good; stored water would be charged, preserved, and energized at a much higher vibration than other forms.

Archeologists found in these thousands’ year-old structures containers with grain, and seeds that were still ready for planting. Similarly, if you were to spend time contemplating truth or other forms of observations or initiations and revelations inside a pyramid, you would elevate your being to heights of understanding and interface otherwise not possible.

It is my belief, or maybe knowing, that the Great Pyramids complex of Giza never were tombs. Nothing of this nature was ever found in the so-called burial chamber. Rather, the King’s Chamber was possibly a place of Initiation into a higher consciousness where certain folks who qualified for that elaborate environment and ceremony would go. There is a coffin-like box but without a lid, for the initiates the pyramid served to possibly lie down in this coffin to merge their consciousness into eternity as a practice.
Learn to die out of the world of matter into the one of none.
Matter no more.
Eternal life understood.

Notice how the walls of the chamber of initiation in the Great Pyramid are all smooth granite, no inscriptions, and there is nothing to distract the focus.
Many other things today are being presented in a way to sustain our antique belief systems—like that UFOs and the presence of aliens are a fiction of our imagination. Who knows? We may not, but it will be recorded/known in the Akashic Records. Nothing that ever happened in the past is not known, or more precisely was known when it happened in that past. There is a record. (More on that later). From that perspective, I could be an alien. Few folks seem to notice, We blend in well most of the time. It does not really matter if there are Aliens around.
What we as a humanity have to do with our consciousness will remain the same and if the aliens have not attained that, they will not be able to help us other than maybe pointing to the possibility.
Yes maybe attain higher levels of technology but not consciousness.

Blinding belief systems (veils) carefully cultivated and crystalized prevail in our society.
We must come into the know.

Photograph of the interior of the Pyramid of Giza


The Great Pyramid of Giza is possibly a Temple of Initiation into a special branch of understanding or council, and also a source for creating electromagnetic power generation still somewhat beyond our present Tesla level of understanding and application. Wireless electricity transmission. Maybe to charge spaceships! We do not know.

We have other things to burn to make energy—and burn we do. Burning up the whole planet and its living climate.


Photograph of the Egyptian Pyramids from Above


Leonardo da Vinci apparently spent time in Egypt studying the geometric dimensions of the Great Pyramid and concluded that these dimensions represent values way beyond those of a burial tomb and from beyond that era’s intelligence and dimensions. Here shown with additional possibilities in terms of energy centers.

The Vitruvian Man

The Vitruvian Man


Connecting to the Frequency of Maximum Potential


Dimensions of the highest order.


Egyptian Hieroglyph


The above pictures give an indication that the Egyptians or other prior civilizations at the time of the building of the pyramids knew all about the pineal gland and its powers. It was more than likely used in the design/construction by some estimates to have been 4,644 years ago, but more likely as far back as 12,000.
Think about it, we can look back 5,000 years and do not see any clear evidence of the capability to lift the buildings blocks of the great pyramids in place. All we can see is massive amounts of labor beyond our comprehension.

We believe but do not know. The Chi force makes trees and our bodies grow away from the force of gravity. A form of levitation. That “Chi force” can possibly be harnessed to lift heavy loads with laser-sharp focus and harmonies, like big heavy trees are levitating themselves to great heights with Chi taking heir time, but what if the took the element of time out of the equation. 

More light reveals more solutions: Infinite light, Infinite solutions & harmonic cords struck!

It is not by our vote for representation in government that the enormity of our predicament can be addressed. It is every human walking the face of this Planet that needs to individually come up to speed, up into an understanding, or, better yet, come on up into the insight, the light. The elected representation will then follow suit instead of the other way where it will just lead to more work around the subject as we have been and are doing.

Now we can question the motivations of the United Nations. Would it then be reasonable to also question ourselves and our possibly opposing sources of information? Question the motivation of these sources? Our own motivations?

Come to think that is much all business, as well as our private investments in our homes and transportation devices. These are big considerations to contemplate. Maybe it might be reasonable to do some research ourselves and find out what is really going on. It only looks like an inconvenient proposition from a limited perspective. We have this concept of survival into perpetual time, while in reality nobody alive today has that perpetual capability.

To put this in perspective: 100 years from today none of us alive now will still be here, ( with a few exceptions.) It’s then a matter of deciding if we are going to let ourselves descend into a mindset of darkness or elevate into the capability of uploading into the Perpetual Light of the Infinite Creative Principle we might call the Principle of Creation, God, Buddha, Allah, the Force, Shiva, the All, the Universal Mind, the Tao, the Source of the ultimate solution-making.
Connect we must.


Stylized image of a man's face with an orb in the center emitting energy


An eye into the future or the heavens will come in handy.

Seems like the Buddha knew too, but his focus was on a different facet of it.
Everybody can.


Image of Buddha


Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor of a time past, and one of the greatest ever warriors, is rumored to have spent a night of contemplation in the King’s Chamber of the Giza Pyramid. Upon exiting he asked his personal aide who had been with him for the event to promise after they exited the place to never reveal what happened while in there. More than likely what happened was that under the influences of the power of the shape of the pyramid and possibly some stimulants, that he realized and came into a higher understanding of man’s potential. Expansion of territories and his empire was not part of that potential.

Bottom line: he never won another war thereafter and spent a lot of time in contemplation at the very isolated Islands where he later became imprisoned, great places for deep, undisturbed introspection. Peace?

In one of the pictures above we see a human in what could be called a meditative form or position. This form is conducive to higher levels of concentration, understanding, and levels of consciousness
that can be attained if we wish to live fewer problematic lives. Sitting in that form is enough to set up the Pyramid Power in our bodies. All this is not to say that one could not reach that type of focus without taking that position. Sitting in a chair, or edge of a bed works better for me at my more mature age. However, the Life Force, the Chi, flows most powerfully from the ground (Earth) straight up into the sky, from the center of our planet into the heavenly spheres and from there back down into he earth.

Sitting straight up helps make the energy flow up and down our spine, facilitating its flow and connecting us to the Divine. Between heaven (up) and earth (ground). Yang and Yin. Most plants and trees follow this same path, straight up and down with their root systems; there is no stopping the paths of the Chi, the life energy. A pine forest is a good example where we can see how trees do not grow towards the sun. If so they would all be leaning towards it, yet they grow straight up, straight, away from the force of gravity. The force of the Chi can overcome the force of gravity. That same Chi can lift our lives out of limitations beyond measure.

QI GONG, Tai Chi, and simple forms of Yoga.

Myself, I cannot sit in the Lotus position but have experimented with many other ways, mostly sitting on something to get my butt off the ground. I found that sitting with the spine straight up is the most important factor and that any other ritual part of form helps to remind me of why it is that we are sitting so as to not get distracted from the purpose of the sit. Having said that, still most of my focus and switch to “awareness mode” is done any time of the day during any activity where I am reminded to focus even for just a breath or two, 50 to 100/times/day. It is like hitting the reset button on the endless stream of thoughts passing by. The reset to Source makes the next thought borne from Source and that then leads to better thoughts and more harmony in life. More effort, more harmony, and or better results.


Illustration of the all seeing eye glowing

Annuit coeptis = [God] favors our undertakings

The picture above is from a dollar bill, the most powerful brand of currency ever, ( for now ). I like to believe that this is because of the Pyramid Power behind the money. The Pyramid there represents the high (Chi) powers cultivated in the pineal gland that we are trying to reach, except that the one on the dollar bill has other intents not designed and intended for the average human’s capacity of understanding.

The time has come for every human to elevate themselves out of the question of “Huh, what?” “Me responsible for everything that happens in my life?” to a more Divine place of Unity and insight where we can realize that indeed we are that responsible party. The importance of this attainment is becoming more and more critical as to where we are possibly replacing our perfectly good oxygen-filled atmosphere of this planet with perfectly bad gases that are rapidly changing our climate & living conditions.

Upon studying this happening we may come across some evidence that we as humanity may possibly partially self extinct within the foreseeable future. Just in case it does, extinction is not possible in an Eternal Infinite environment. Then the practice of merging our consciousness with this Eternal Consciousness might come in handy. If nothing else this merging might reveal, and inspire us to discover what we can do to mitigate this premature extinction event of humanity.

Wow!! That’s a Big Deal! That’s like changing the weather, and an all-prevailing scripture like the Bible; not a one, two easy feat. Sort of like a Sword of Damocles situation. Or maybe better the Sword of Truth belonging to Spirit.

Humanity is kind of dancing on this DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD, where many believe that it is an outside force (God), (Mother Nature) precipitating this event, under which circumstances there will be nothing we will or can do. The other edge is where there can be a belief transformed into a knowing that we, humanity, are the cause—in which case, properly addressed, there is EVERYTHING we can do to mitigate it.

Conclusion: that if we like living on this planet with our family we must forgo the belief of the outside force causing it. We must REGARDLESS of our BELIEFS go with one where we can and will do EVERYTHING we can about it. We also need to realize that these solutions will probably not come out of a divided place of government unless we heal that division from within ourselves first.
Heal with love.

Let’s get on with it then, waiting is not an option anymore.

Meditation, otherwise understood as a focussed non-dual concentrated mental effort to direct our being to a more elevated way of being, a path to less pain and suffering, breaking through duality, and possibly a merging with our highest Divinely oriented potential as a human. A potential to love our lives, fill it with that love, intelligence and power.
All ONE.


Shifting Focus for a Superior Life: Managing Head Space and Body Potential


In the world of matter, form follows function; then sitting our body in the form of a pyramid will give it maximum potential. However, this body also walks, talks, sings and dances, and takes on a lot of other positions. It would be good to be able to connect to this frequency in all other forms as well, all day, instead of just a few minutes in the morning or night.

Having first this Planet at our disposal, and second the availability of the human body would be of the highest priority. Then the focus and its orientation in terms of how to manage our head space and keep our bodies at maximum potential becomes an issue. For most people, sitting quietly on a pillow for an hour is not something they envision incorporating in their lives. No problem: the issue is basically a shifting of our focus, placing it in a place that gives us a superior life. If not, why bother?

That shifting of the focus, in the case of the following places presented here, can be done mostly at any time, such as first thing in the morning, sitting at the edge of our sleeping place., 10 minutes or so. We can go there for a moment when waking up in the middle of the night, while preparing breakfast or any other meal, driving a car or truck, listening to music, watching a show or movie waiting for an appointment or airplane, in that airplane flying along, sitting in nature, a park, or other activity that does not require our total focus otherwise. No matter our position. Bored stiff, there we go, do it. Build up the habit.

We humans have by some estimates 60,000 thoughts a day. One thought every waking second. Not all of them are productive. We may have some quieting to do. Meditation/contemplation/concentration the way. Make effort. Tuning in.
It may not come natural to us, but it is natural for us.

From religion to realization of truth, love, intelligence, and power, all Cardinal aspects of the God-head.


There can be no Freedom without Discipline and the Exercise of Willpower

Discipline and willpower are like muscles: exercise them and they will grow stronger. Above and below writing and pictures and the effort we will put towards the practice of focussing will be our new gym along with the other gym or exercises we can practice like Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Nomadic’s, jogging, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, (Google them.) and a great variety of other practices to push some boundaries.


Illustration of human silhouette meditating in a pyramid shape


The pyramid of Giza sits in the complete center of the Earth’s continental mass, a position of Power and Transcendence. Wonder how they figured that out. It would help to have had an eye in the sky, an eye in the skull, an eye in the heavens. How could they have known? Aliens? A historically unknown civilization as far as 12,000 years ago. Distant clairvoyance? Levitation of observatory capabilities? Clear seeing? Incidence of coincidence? Or maybe an advanced civilization we have not acknowledged.


Universal Eye Illustration


It appears that the measurements of all the facets of the Great Pyramid of Giza—the height, the measurements of the base, the angles going up—are an exact scale model of the space in the upper or lower half of our planet. In other words, if you glued another pyramid exactly like it, at scale, upside down to the bottom then would within a few feet fit exactly inside the planet’s globe considering the slight flattening of the planet towards the poles, where measured at the Equator the globe is a bit wider due to the centrifugal force of the spinning of the planet.

The measurements of the Great Pyramid exactly represent at scale the measurements of our planet if measured pole to pole; and the equatorial dimensions direct straight from the inside, suggesting a conclusion that whosoever built the place must have also known the very exact measurements of the planet. That suggests a conclusion that the place was built by a civilization that knew what we are just now discovering with our space technology which can make these measurements. How can you believe that? If not, we must come into the know of what is really going on so that we can conclude that we are it, the ones that can fulfill ourselves. Let us see what that looks like in the following text. We are going to go from “I am going to do it” to “I am doing it.”


Illustration of the global map


They knew


Digital Print of a female face with an illuminated pyramid in the center of her forehead



Humanity’s Capability to Download Supreme Intelligence


To emphasize again: the Intelligence that reigns Supreme in all the possible Universes and all of Creation, is exercising itself on all levels of this Creation, there is no place where it is not, Macro or Micro.
Thus, it is also present everywhere inside of us, no place where it is not, NO PLACE! Omnipresent.
All life-related functions of our body are completely owned and operated by this Force/Intelligence. We as Humanity have been created with the capability to download this Intelligence into our operating system. In this process, we have been given the liberty, and freedom, to follow our own individual operating system; and we exercise that liberty to the fullest extent. Yeah, Liberty, Yeah, Freedom, or to consider our demise.

The trouble is that some among us have taken it upon themselves to take advantage of this and make it so that we will not exercise this choice to download the Supreme Intelligence. Today, more clearly than ever, we are starting to wake up to this veil/shroud covering our consciousness with Mr.Trump leading the way in showing us blatantly just how bad we can be snowed in our belief systems. I know now that we will wake up and start the download that that will truly set us free from ALL limitations.

Our life without limitations? No—not necessarily unlimited money, but yes fulfillment, understanding, connectedness, harmony, forgiveness, peace, truth, patience, justice, compassion, fortitude and prudence,
mightier than any circumstances, in touch with infinite strength. Every one of us.

End of Chapter 4


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