Chapter 3

Harnessing the Power of Averages and Algorithms for Collective Governance

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One of the building blocks for the new foundation, The Democratic principle of everybody having one vote to count, made me remember this story.

A butcher, someplace in England, organized an event where he would give away the meat
that came from slaughtering a bull to the person who could come closest to estimating what would be the weight of that meat.

There were, if I remember the story correctly, 750 folks who entered the competition. For the following to hold true the more guesses the more accurate. All estimates were duly recorded by an organization that was sponsoring the event for a study into probability that they were conducting.

Amongst the participants were many folks experienced in the field of butchering. But to everybody’s surprise, none of the participants got close to the correct weight, whether they were highly experienced or not at all.

Then here comes the most interesting part. As they added up all the 750 estimates and divided them by the 750 participants, the average number that came up was almost exactly the weight of the butchered meat. Within 1%. Better than 99% correct. Incredible!

The reason why Democracy works for everybody.

The Wisdom of the Crowd in Decision-Making


The more votes the more accurate the outcome and then the better the results of that outcome.
These same folks did several experiments, to prove this, as most programs run by algorithms are proving themselves today.

In another experiment, they filled a clear glass jar with beads, went out into the street, and randomly asked people to estimate just how many beads they thought were in this jar. Again guesses varied wildly from the very low to the very high. All duly noted.
Then the guesses were added up and divided by the sum-total number of estimates which came to more than 90% of the real count, where none of the individual estimates came this close. I believe that in this case they only used 130 guesses, a smaller number of folks, and a slightly less accurate outcome. Still 90% correct is very good.

Thus, we may conclude, that the larger the number of voters the more accurate the outcome. *8 billion votes are going to get it absolutely right in terms of business related to the well-being of this planet and its crew of humanity, all of of s together.

This is how casinos are guaranteed to make money providing they get enough folks to gamble. The dice will roll predictably given enough casts. There is ultimately no such thing as chance. (Note the Kybalion excerpt further down the scroll in Chapter 10 ).

Algorithms: A New Frontier in Accuracy


In weather forecasting today no highly specialized weather man or woman can predict the weather more accurately than the algorithms of thousands of observations. Whereas before forecasters could really get no more than one day ahead of the weather.

Today with the help of computers and algorithms and many thousands of points of observation,
We can get a reasonably accurate three-day forecast; that is a 300% improvement in just the last 10 years.

For a sailor, very dependent on the quality of the weather, the difference between total comfort and total discomfort. It’s a big deal.

The conclusion drawn by the folks who studied these events was, that regardless of the participant’s capabilities and experience the results of the common denominator (algorithm) were more accurate than the experts or occasional expert individual. That is, if enough people participate. This was one of many studies they had done proving this.

If the sum-total of Humanity took over governing itself we would get the most superior results, every Human their own Sovereign Entity. Each and every one of us an asset to Humanity,
a contribution, an integral part, and an equal vote, regardless of our education and capabilities.

A happy place for everyone, even the rich and famous! The internet can make that happen, including the rest of the story below, by every human first taking 100% responsibility for their own actions. Then all together for the benefit of all of humanity.

If we do not do that, the intelligence of supercomputers under the tutelage of their owner/operator will with their algorithms! It will figure us out by studying our behavior and
program us into what they would like us to do representing itself in government through lobbying systems, a reset with unknown consequences!

The Ethical Dilemmas of AI and Collective Governance


Elon Musk of Tesla the electric car company, co-inventor of PayPal,  

Space X and many other projects, one of the greatest algorithm and software developing geniuses on this planet, is with his insight as well as some other folks very concerned about Artificial Intelligence taking over certain aspects of governance. We are going to need oversight by all of humanity. Mother nature, of which we are an major part, does not need a computer to govern it. We altogether as one are that governing force.

Buyer and voter beware!!

In some instances, these programs can suggest options we had not yet considered but would be in line with our possible objectives.

Pretty interesting! Makes me wonder.

Building the Foundation for a Unified Human Voice


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However, the internet has given us the tool to attain that “all-together voice,” but first, we need to now form up the foundation upon which to build such a Human participating voice.

NO global government of self appointed or even elected persons could attain that
as we are proving to ourselves in these very times. We are voting ourselves into limited circumstances.

So let us get started gathering the materials and the knowledge suited for this foundation, this attainment. Sorry, there is no school that I know of where they teach and we can attain this.

We are on our own, and just as well. We are going to do something not done before. There is no existing curriculum. Well, there is, the Universe knows, the Creative Principle is made up of it,
fulfilling the casual expression “God knows”.

We know where to go and look. The curriculum headline is that it “never stops” and that it will “be good”. A carbon copy of the Creative Principle’s, (Spirits), plan for creation. Eternal is the moment.

We will find that it is right inside of us, maybe not right under our nose so to speak, but right above it and in our heart space. The solar plexus. the 5th, 7th or possibly 8th Chakra. ( more on Chakras in Chapter 10).

The Journey Toward Personal and Collective Enlightenment


It starts by taking ourselves into the consciousness of One, the All, (the God, the Principle of Creation), the all-inclusive; and that is where the problem lies. We are running on an obsolete program, outdated, at least 12,000 years out of time.

We have to go spend $10,000 for a teeny weeny little piece of very hard glass in the form of a polished gem to attain some temporary happiness and value in our lives.

We are being carefully cultivated to stay there, through advertising and educational programming. You have to not just work hard for a living, but above and beyond that for some folks, you have to give your life and fight for those stones. (or other material resource).

Do we see any plant rock or animal like that? Well come to think of it, the ants maybe , a pack of wolves, or some other entity deprived of their natural habitat and environment. We live with a consciousness of lack. Never enough. We need a balance, like mother nature is in balance,
or used to be before we started overpowering her.

Image of the earth sinking into water and burning from the closeness of the sun

The Path to Self-Realization and Global Harmony



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Life is like a Melody and we are in charge of tuning ourselves up to come into Harmony by the people, everybody, for the people, everybody.

Going All The Way Now

It really is about completing ourselves in the way we see things.

I am that which I am seeking.

We are already it, we just have not realized it yet. Stop wearing a disguise. Unite with our focus
in the Tao of things. The Way of the One.

We thought it could happen overnight, but since we subscribe to a consciousness and focus strapped in the functions of time and space, it may take some time.

Wait till I graduate, wait till I get a job, wait till I pay off the mortgage, wait for a promotion, wait till retirement, wait to do what we know we have or want to do, wait till death doth us part, wait for heaven.

I cannot wait till I get there. Where? There!
If we were going into the Now to complete ourselves we could instantly be there. Now is right here.
The trouble is, that for most of us, we do not like our now.
We must get to a place where we like our now.
Now is the only time we can do that!

I am whole, perfect, strong, loving, harmonious, happy. ( Affirm 20X/day.)

I am that which I think I am.
The sum total of the vision of how I see myself.

How to get that perfect vision?

Truth is:
We are Divine Energy manifest.

We must learn to erase and replace the program that has us believe that we are not.
And no, no elite force is going to do that for us.
We must bring ourselves!


End of Chapter 3 
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