Chapter 2

Go All The Way Now – Knowing vs Believing

Image of a Golden Grail against a blue backdrop

The Reality of Knowing Over Believing

“I believe, but I do not know.”

I must come into the know. If I knew something, I would not say: “I believe.”
If I were riding a bicycle, I would not say: “I believe I am riding a bicycle,”
I would know that I was and could clearly state that I was.
I know it, I know it!
As a matter of fact, if I were to say, that I believe I am or was riding a bicycle one could wonder if maybe I was a bit simple, or just not have all my marbles.
Before getting on an airplane it be good to know that the airline did its due duty in making sure the pilot came into the know as to how to fly this plane, that they took it beyond believing that the pilot could.

If I were driving a car, drinking a glass of water, making love, looking at a forest, standing on a rock, I have family in Canada, there is an intelligence the reigns supreme in all the universes, it would be known that it is or was so — no believing necessary there! There might be no witnesses, but it would be known. Forensic Science could prove it. (Also more about that in the “About the Akashic Records” further down).
If the One Creative Principle of Creation were giving us insight into his/her/its operations of creation, we would know, and have a clear realization of how it is. Nothing can be, or can be created without everything about it being known! Believing is not knowing.
Yet here we are today, believing all kind of stuff that many sections of humanity cannot come into agreement on, separatist ideologies that lead to horrendous conflict and wars.

When somebody says “I believe”, they are really saying: “I do not know.”

The Pitfalls of Belief Systems


That could go as far as believing that the dollar is 100% backed by gold. The beauty about beliefs is that anything goes. From the looks of it today, that is just about what is going on. 100% not backed by God. 

The interesting part is here: that this planet is on one course only, created by the Principle of One out of nothing, taking billions of years in our time to create. It is made up of bits and some errant rocks that are completely defined whether we understand the whole process or not. Yet if we took the element of time out of the equation the speed of creation might be beyond our ability to grasp in our present state of consciousness of the first 3, 4 or 5th dimension.
No ifs or buts about it. It has nothing to do with what we would like to believe! 

In many of these cases we have science to thank for that, science being “an intellectual and practical activity, the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”
Figuring out and digging into what is really going on. Is the Sun turning around our planet, or is the planet turning around the Sun?  Big, big difference.


Full Image of the Holy Grail

See the image above? We are looking at the picture of a cup studded possibly with precious stones. We KNOW that we are looking at a cup, and that this cup might be the Holy Grail, we can BELIEVE that it is, but really, WE DO NOT KNOW. It could be a copy, or it might not look like this at all. The stones could be FAKE, the Holy Grail might not even be a cup. Certainly if it was the Holy Grail would it only have meaning for Christians?
What about everybody else? Could it serve the kind of drink that would serve all of humanity regardless of what we believe?
We do not know.

The Journey from Belief to Knowing

But I strongly believe, always have. When we use the word “belief” it is assumed that what we believe we hold as truth. Since we all want to be in truth ideally, all our beliefs are being accepted this way. Then we have “I strongly believe”, as if that makes it more so. Maybe yes, maybe strongly not! 

However, when we really dive into dissecting our beliefs we will find that they are not necessarily the ultimate truth. Is the earth round or flat? There is plenty folks today that have made themselves believe that it is flat. 

Are humans significantly contributing to climate change or are they not? Aliens and UFOs are here or not? 

The Egyptians as well as the Chinese were already there, before and after the Great Flood. They were not on Noah’s Ark, or were they? 

Jesus is reported to have said: “I and the father, (God), are one, and you can be like me, I have said you are gods. What I have done all man can do, and what I am, all man shall be.”  Did he?
Now, Jesus apparently did a lot of things we, or very few of us can do, the Aquarian Gospel indicates that he spend a lot of time in isolation and meditation, attended esoteric schools for extended periods of time in Egypt, Greece and India where he had to pass thru gates of capabilities we cannot fathom in our present state of consciousness.

We have been educated to believe we are not the possible gods that we are. We may have different beliefs, yet it cannot be both ways. It cannot! The immaculate conception? 

I was reading Levi Dowling’s “Aquarian Gospel”, first in the early 1970s and just recently again. Levi who in translating from the Akashic records of that time period of Jesus reports that when Mary (Jesus mother) heard from the angel Gabriel that she was going to give birth to Jesus, that she went to visit and tell her friend Elizabeth, wife of priest Zacharias where Elizabeth was pregnant with John the harbinger. That then Mary tarried ninety days with Elizabeth and Zacharias before returning to Joseph in Nazareth, a long visit! 

Might we conclude that: John and Jesus could have been half brothers, born from different mothers, but the same father. Can you believe that? We do not know. 

What I do know is that I was made in the image of God the Force but was not immaculately conceived and, it would be OK if Jesus was not either. He could still have fully functioned in Christ consciousness and have been the messenger that he was told to be who said, I quote here again from the Aquarian Gospel: “What I have done all man can do and what I am all man shall be.” 

Then that leaves questioning the resurrection, the one thing that it appears we cannot do, though there are many folks stories out there now that had died and where returned to live. Sum total of their stories point in the same direction. More on that some other time. Either way, Jesus could still have been a Messiah.
Can we save ourselves? Looks like we may find out soon! 

Am I happy or not? Real knowing is different. It means it is so. If we all knew the One Principle of Creation, the Universal Mind as it really is, we would all agree that it is so, kind of like science. 

In the following scrolls, we are going to go from believing to knowing. Receive it through the practice of coming into alliance with it. Flesh it out, so to speak, download it, just like we are manifested in the flesh that came out of nothing other than, possibly, a wish formulated by a thought, that was brought force by the teeny weeniest of seeds that contains our program of creation, planted in our mothers womb for the birthing process.

Believing is not knowing. Just listen carefully when people talk and the difference between when they say “I know” or say “I believe”. I like to believe that everything is alright with our home the Planet, and the way we are working the systems, where, with some dedicated non partial research, we find that is possibly not the case. Then that belief is not really serving us nor is it serving the Planet the one thing we cannot live without.
Like war cannot exist in the Universal Consciousness of the Supreme Intelligence from where creation comes forth, not an option. Peace is a non dual state of consciousness with no sides and of a higher dimension. Not negotiable!


End of Chapter 2
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