Chapter 8:

The One Principle: Uniting Humanity Through Universal Consciousness


The Meaning of One Creative Principle


One consciousness is founded in the One Creative Principle,

The ALL 

One Universe, (well, maybe many)

One Galaxy

One Planetary System

One Planet Earth

Many Humans

All Divided as One

One Humanity

All One

One Universal family


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Beyond Polarity: Understanding Spiritual Unity


Our minds often trap us in the realm of duality—good and evil, light and darkness, joy and sorrow and separate beings one from the other.  But the One Creative Principle, some call God, beckons us toward a form of spiritual unity where these divisions cease to exist. Here, the collective awareness of humanity rises, and we start recognizing our symbiotic relationship with the Universe.


The Concept of Supreme Intelligence


By aligning ourselves with this Supreme Intelligence’s Consciousness, we can truly understand the essence of this One Principle. Become not just anyone, but the person you were always meant to be or truly are, unified in consciousness.

The journey to align with the Supreme Intelligence is both inward and outward. Inwardly, it involves introspection, meditation, and the deliberate cultivation of awareness. By attuning ourselves to our deepest thoughts and emotions, we begin to peel back the layers of societal conditioning and personal beliefs that have obscured our true nature. It is within this inner sanctum that we discover the dormant spark of the Supreme Intelligence, waiting to be recognized and nurtured.

Outwardly, this alignment manifests as a heightened sensitivity to the world around us. We begin to perceive the intricate web of interconnectedness that binds all life forms. Every gesture, every word, every action becomes imbued with purpose and intention. We recognize the presence of the Supreme Intelligence in the fluttering of a leaf, in the rhythm of the waves, and in the eyes of a fellow human being.

Embracing the Supreme Intelligence’s Consciousness is not a one-time event but a continual process of growth and evolution. As we progress on this path, we find that barriers once deemed insurmountable dissolve effortlessly. Prejudices and biases fade, replaced by an unwavering love and compassion for all. It’s a transformative journey, one that not only reshapes our individual existence but has the potential to reshape the world at large.


Merging with the Holistic Consciousness


The Supreme Intelligence isn’t an entity to be worshipped; it’s an aspect of the holistic consciousness that we all are a part of. When we tap into this, we are not just aligning with an external force but awakening the Supreme Intelligence within us.

Holistic consciousness is the realization that every part of us, from our physical bodies to our ethereal souls, is deeply interconnected with the greater cosmos. Every thought we harbor, every emotion we feel, and every action we undertake sends ripples through this vast interconnected web, affecting not just ourselves but the universe at large. This means that when we elevate our consciousness, we are not only lifting ourselves but also contributing to the up-liftment of the collective consciousness.

To truly merge with this holistic consciousness, we must shed the illusions that keep us grounded in a limited perspective. These illusions, often rooted in fear, ego, and societal constructs, blind us to the grandeur of our true nature. Breaking free from them requires courage, persistence, and a deep yearning to connect with our authentic selves.

As we begin this transformative journey, we may encounter moments of profound clarity, where the boundaries between the self and the universe blur. In these moments, we experience an overwhelming sense of unity and interconnectedness, a feeling of being ‘one’ with everything. These are not mere fleeting episodes but glimpses into our potential reality, reminding us of the Supreme Intelligence that resides within and all around us. By nurturing these experiences and allowing them to permeate our daily lives, we pave the way for a harmonious existence, rooted in love, compassion, and understanding.
A transformation out of darkness into light.


Oneness: The Ultimate Reality


The term ‘Oneness’ may seem abstract, but it encapsulates the core message of the One Principle. Oneness isn’t about ignoring our unique traits or differences; it’s about understanding that at the foundational level, we are interconnected through the threads of universal consciousness.

In a world teeming with diversity, it’s easy to feel isolated, to believe that our individual experiences and identities are separate from the whole. Yet, beneath this illusion of separateness lies an underlying tapestry of existence that binds us all. Oneness is not just a philosophical idea; it’s a lived experience, a palpable realization that emerges when we attune ourselves to the harmonious dance of life.

Imagine a vast ocean with countless waves. Each wave, with its unique form and rhythm, is born from the same body of water. Similarly, while we each have our individual journeys, joys, and struggles, we emerge from the same source of life. the same mother nature. Our joys amplify the collective happiness, and our pains ripple through the shared heart of humanity.

As we embrace Oneness, we recognize the profound responsibility that comes with it. Every choice we make, every word we speak, and every intention we hold has the power to affect the collective. With this understanding, we are inspired to tread lightly, to act with kindness, and to cultivate a heart that radiates love and compassion. This is the transformative power of Oneness.

By integrating this understanding into our daily lives, we begin to view the world with new eyes. The stranger becomes a reflection of ourselves, and nature’s wonders are recognized as manifestations of the same divine energy that flows within us. In this state, judgment diminishes, replaced by a profound appreciation for the intricate beauty of existence. This is the gift of Oneness: a unifying perspective that has the potential to heal, uplift, and inspire both the individual and the collective.

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Download the Supreme intelligence’s Consciousness and merge with it.
Become the one that we already are.
In that consciousness we will be aligned with the natural forces that reign supreme in all the universes and thus the forces at work in our bodies here now.

End Chapter 8


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