Chapter 1:

Go All The Way Now

The Journey to Universal Consciousness


An Odyssey of the Spiritual,
The age of Aquarius,
Peace of mind.
Spiritually edifying.

A celebration of creation.
A call to action.

Attaining our person’s highest potential.
A merging with the Force, with Source.
The Tao, the All, the Holy Breath,
Supreme Intelligence, Universal Mind.
Our consciousness with Universal Consciousness.
Cosmic Business Principles.
Finding the source of Peace.

Beyond exponential & algorithms.
Satisfaction beyond measure.
A voyage to the most fundamental levels of reality.
Greatest life come true.

Full interface with the Creative Principle and
an application to keep our life on this planet sustainable.

How to become pregnant with the wellbeing of ourselves.
Connecting to Love, Intelligence, and Power. ( The 3 aspects of the Creative Principle.)

A voyage to a unification of all humans as one Universal Family!

Justice for all.
Where our attention goes, we go.

Beyond imagination.


Tools for Achieving The Ultimate Human Potential


The following is a book, a manual, a toolbox for happiness and understanding, it is not to be explored in twelve seconds (12 seconds being the limits of our attention span as it is being programmed by our present-day media & entertainment systems.)

To fully appreciate and assimilate this, is going to take some time.
Find the tools, and discover them in the following chapters.
Start using them and get happiness contentment and understanding without dependence on material things and places.
( With some reservations.)

Read, scroll.

Now, a consciousness founded in the One Creative Principle, the Force, the Field,
Source, the under-overlying principle that sustains creation in the form that it is.
The very foundation, the superintelligence we could call God instead of placed
in the duality of the world of matter as we see it manifest in today’s multi-political,
multi-religious, multi-racial, and multi-economical top-down and material related environment.
A foundation upon which to build an everlasting environment, a permanent culture,
a merging of our humanity from the battlefields to effortlessly interfacing with the true nature of things.

Who we truly are. Free and at Peace.

For us to build an alliance with that Lord Force her/him/itself.
A focus on facing inside instead of out, and in the process merging with the whole shebang.

Every one of us is an individual expression of our connected being with the Force itself!
(We are using the words: The Force or Source here, so we can build a fresh relationship with that power that sustains all of creation, (a God.)

Life, a never-ending Frequency & Melody, we are, each individual, in charge of the Harmony.

The following is no easy read. The language used may seem foreign, and not fit within a present belief system or popular book form. It points to a state of Cosmic/Universal consciousness most of us have not visited before.

Where we are going is not necessarily an easy place to go. Some perseverance might be called for. Change and aspiration are not for the weak of heart, It’s a big job, possibly bigger than ever attempted. Yet it must be done!

The harmony of our personal and human existence is at stake.

Before getting to the heart of this essay, there will be some roundabouts needed in my mind to lay down some groundwork to reveal the foundation.

The broader the foundation, the broader the vision for the elevated results.

In the case of the pictured structure below, you will see 10 levels of consciousness, and some 100 steps to get to the results.

Reach for the top vision.
Think of the 10 levels as different dimensions.

Want to get to the top of the human experience?
Then climb the stairs.

The structure in the image below is not to be looked at as an historic edifice, but as a symbol for our effort.

Go to this edifice inside of ourselves.
No need for a trip abroad.

Image of Aztec Ruins


Want to go?

It will take affirmative action. It’s not a philosophy or religion.
This is like taking a role as director in your own personal movie. Take responsibility. Play a leading role.

Like the force of gravity, if ever it were to cease, this total production of creation and our body would cease to exist, return into the black hole it came from at the Big Bang, if ever there is such a thing.

Return to your ultimate womb, the All, the One Primal Consciousness.

This will be a different kind of bang from that of a gun shooting up some of our fellow humanoids or blowing oneself up in the name of a Creator, country, belief, or discriminative system.

No, on this voyage we will become a Creator ourselves, in a consciousness of peace.
That what is the All is everything all at the same time. All powerful, there can be no power greater than it, thus no other power can war on it, It’s not an option.

And thus, you will be at peace.
This is why we crave peace so much.
The very basic makeup of our being is peace.


The Yin and Yang of Existence


First roundabout:
From an earthy biological perspective all men and women on this planet are born to the same female Mother Earth (a female force, Yin)
and the Father Sun (a masculine force, Yang),
both of without which there could be no life anywhere.
No exceptions, making all of us human’s brothers and sisters
born to the same Mother and Father Forces, a huge family of humanity.
Then this is also a humanity born from the individual female human:
without this female there would be no man.
No man can come into existence without the female, no female without a man.
Never mind the immaculate Conception: It does not apply to us.
Let us see what would happen if the female came to the top as well.
A topless Yin and Yang environment. We can all enjoy that.


fullsizeoutput f30



It is said that there must be a balance in the Yin & Yang forces.
Without the Feminine, the Masculine is apt to act without restraint, order, or reason, resulting in war and chaos.
The Feminine alone, on the other hand, is apt to reflect and be more nourishing, resulting in slowing things down.
With both the Masculine and Feminine working in conjunction,
there is thoughtful action that breeds success,
which points towards the Masculine and Feminine fulfilling each other.

The symbol below shows just how complete that is.
The Oneness of the “All” cannot be without that completion
We are all together in the Yin Yang

A Consciousness of ONE

Yin and Yang Symbol

Humanity’s Path to Spiritual Unity


Humans connected to happiness

Ocean with Sun on Horizon

Many drops came together to make the Ocean:
all together a ONE and indomitable power.

Nobody has dominion over the Ocean.
Humans have the breath common to all, and share that freely.
There is no life without: none excepted non expected,
all together in one breath, the Holy Breath, or Supreme Intelligence.
Like all individual rivers flow into the Ocean.

All the same except in frame, name, game and fame.
Together we are all One Universal family, One indomitable power.

We are going on a trip from believing to knowing.
Belief systems come in from the outside, mostly filtered.
Knowing systems come from within-side ourselves.

Humanity has been spiritually united since the early 1970s.

In the Western World by the music of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Marley, amongst others.
They got us started.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones singing the new Gospel.
A voyage from “I can’t get no satisfaction”, to a merging with that satisfaction.
From Religion to Spiritualism,
from a wanting to believe to a realization of how it really is,
merging with that Spirit of reality.
Full interface with the Creative Force.


The Unfiltered Consciousness and the Ocean of Life


Newsweek Cover Titled "Spiritual Living"Some of the following words came like a fast-flowing river out of the Akashic Cosmos, sometimes faster than the speed of light, like a channelling without form or borders, not always in the form of written language, nor in a neatsy-pi order like a library.

The idea is to go with the flow, not to get stuck on the rocks. Flow with it. Keep reading.
Enjoy to no end the course of life, one breath at a time.

There are headlines but no index like in the Universe no divisions. Look at the following as scrolls. Keep scrolling.
Go with it.
Get disconnected in some part? Keep scrolling till you come on some part that captures your attention.

All references came from many readings, years of contemplation dwelling on the subject, studies, and realizations of the past.
Many years at sea with no limits to the horizon, the presence of the endlessly mystical all powerful Ocean.
It is not like you are going to negotiate with a big wave or a storm when it is coming at you.
Deal with it!

There are no politics on the Ocean, no enforcement other than nature’s.
Just endless power, downloads from the Force itself.
We are going to focus on what we have today and forever as it is all we will ever have to build the future of tomorrow.

Humanity’s Boundless Consciousness


I am just the captain of the story,
a story that un-mistakingly began at age four (now seventy-seven years ago) where I got to see parts of what I now know to be part of the Divine Matrix, ( pre-creation visual data streaming, 3rd eye stuff.) aspects of the primordial principle of creation.
Life thereafter has been a worldwide search and reflection and interpretation of those (in)sights.
A life to dream of.

There are no borders to our consciousness other than natural ones — like how on this planet where we have mountains, large expansions of water, rivers, and desert, with an occasional manned station or barricade erected on a road in the hope of making things better on the one side of the barricade then on the other.

In the old days, they were possessions of kings and queens, or emperors and warlords.
They were also cultural, tribal, and clan as they were Nordic, Slavic, Latino, and Germanic as well as Hindu and Indo-Chinese language borders.
However, far-traveling ships and airplanes and now certainly the internet, Whats Upp,
a few pictures of our planet from space showing no borders, a possible walk on the moon
as well as the propagation of the English language the commonly across borders understood universal language that changed all that.

We can get into each other’s environment at the click of a mouse,
or we can send a rocket loaded with bombs without going anywhere.
We can even influence elections in far places from a desk far removed from the polls, or start a worldwide crippling pandemic at one small marketplace or laboratory.
All in no time at all.

Our Consciousness, however, is still somewhat sovereign other than programming coming in from parental sources, church, educational facilities, sports, and instruments like TV.

We have the internet, propagated through the smartphone,
tablet & computer technology coming in at rampant speed, it took just 10 years for them to take over the world blanketing what little room is left in our individual walking the planet Earth orientation and consciousness afraid of a New World Order.

Well, how about just some New Order in the World?
Like the flow of water and air, consciousness, ease, and disease,
good or bad, does not stop at a foreign consulate to get a visa for entry into a different country. Thus the time has come where water, air, love, hate, technology, good ideas, bad ideas, data, solution, absolution, theories, epidemics, weaponry, and aspects of consciousness are spreading around the globe not limited by borders.

5G anyone?
What future?
What exactly are we aiming for? If not just happiness and some understanding.

Our management of this Planet as well as the management of this consciousness, head and heart space might need some adjustment.

No separation, no border, no wall, no language, no ideology, no distance or party affiliation can or will obstruct that.

The Arctic and Antarctica, semi (continents) without borders, other than natural ones, with no local government nor permanent inhabitants, nor armed forces, are making their influence known on our all waterfronts around the globe without hesitation by melting their ice.

It is being suggested that all 198 other countries and their inhabitants may be causing these influences, more like floodances (new word) like water invasions.

It took millions of years to grow the reefs and forests make coral sand for the beaches.
It is going to take just 50-70 more years for them to disappear underwater. Unbelievable!
You mean you do not believe that is going to happen?

Or that it may be hard to believe, but that it’s what’s going to happen.
We are going to find out pretty quickly, regardless of our beliefs.

Here we are….. and here we go.

How to prepare for a wet dream come true…


Image of a Flooded Street with cars and houses in the background under water

Reorganizing Human Consciousness in a Borderless World


Our potential to solve these happenings, theoretically, has no limitations.
“No limitations” means no borders, no “closed” belief systems.
How do we resolve this?

For sure our consciousness knows no borders.
There are no borders on the spiritual, the supernatural, on nature, on our ability to love, on the Universal law, the extreme storm and heat phenomena.

There are no limits on the planetary systems other than galactic or universal ones.
The biggest limits of all we might find are in our personal beliefs; there seem to be conflicting borders on them.

Allah, Christ, Krisna, Shiva, Buddha, Atheist, Capitalist, Socialist, Communist or, a jolly mixture of them all and then some.

Let us assume for a minute that the world did end in 2012 as was forecast that it would by a historic Mayan calendar. Gone, baby. Remember?

We are so busy idealizing we do not notice that now we find ourselves in a brand new illusion, the age of Aquarius, transferred from one age to another in the blink of an eye. A new nebulous planet ready to reorganize ourselves: dearly needed according to climate scientists gathered by the United Nations and the medical guys for COVID-19 warning of a global catastrophe.

Business as usual?

Will it be 30 to 100 more years before the extinction of most of our biology.
Remember: it did end already, give or take a few decades.
We must reorganize from scratch.
What would that look like?
What would be the foundation of the plan?
Who would make that plan?
Could we make it all together?
We must. We will. We are.


The Principle of Universal Attraction & Love 


We are going to start right here, right now by looking at the Basic Principle that is the same for all of us humans, regardless of our denomination, skin color, political orientation, position of power, education, country, or ability to write different programs or belief systems and pursuit of recreational tastes and activities.

Are the USA, China, Russia, Israel or the European Union the most powerful nations?
More like a smorgasbord.
No, all Humans United as One Community the only Way:
the one way of the ONE

Tree of Life Image

A foundation to this consciousness, we are going to discover, cannot necessarily be built on today’s carefully cultivated for-profit headlines and an attention-grabbing newscast format, shows in Vegas, advertising promises, or ball games. Not gained by winning or loosing a war.

Instead to be looked at as stones to be laid as a foundation, then built into a lofty structure.
Without that foundation, the structure we are after might not stand so firmly in times to come.

Digital money anyone?

It all could be swept away overnight!
What if the power goes off?
No more pixels or digitals on any screen.
No more trading nothing.
Enjoy no end.

The Universal Heart Image


Connecting to the Principle of Attraction & Love, like Christ consciousness, is not like connecting to the way we love a puppy or an individual human, country, or religion.

That kind of love is expressed with discrimination called upon for one or a few, bound by borders, but not all.

The kind of love we are looking to kindle here is more like a Universal love,
a Supernatural one, a Natural love, a nondiscriminatory love, a physics or scientific principle a 5th dimension, or maybe 12th dimension?

This over/underlying Principle of Attraction that sustains the force of gravity,
the force of attraction that infuses the entire creation on a macro and micro, atomic and cellular, molecular and atomic level. There is no escaping it; it is all-inclusive, pure consciousness.
No more or less of it.
It cannot be taken away or replaced by hate nor separations of governments, churches, races, or political systems.

All polarity will surrender/dissolve in it.
We can UNITE in it.
In the following chapters, let us see what that looks like.

Keep scrolling & reading!


Planetonic Art Image of Two Dolphins Circling in the style of Yin and Yang

End of Chapter 1
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