Chapter 9:

One Humanity


The Journey to Wholeness: From Individual Accountability to Universal Energy


Finishing touches for the structure.
The punch out phase


That’s me
That’s us
How would we go about attaining that?

It must be simple, very simple.
Every human from the most educated to the least,
the poorest to the wealthiest must be able to come.
Not any $999 workshops or special classes later.
Get a degree in Focus, free.
There are perimeters to our consciousness, but no borders;
borders are finite things not crossed
unless permission to do so has been granted by the controlling agency.
Instead we can start approaching the perimeters
with an eruption of primordial light that contains
the seed of all matter planted in the Universe,
sponsored, created, and sustained by Spirit, the Divine.
It’s present everywhere and thus inside of us,
and there is no place where it is not. No boundaries.
Trillions of bits manifest together in the form of our human body.
At the non-present perimeters of this Spiritual Force,
we can then forge an alliance with it and become co-creators.
We can partner in the creative process.
One with the All.


The Universe and all it contains exists in the mind of the ALL;
it is in this mind or mental state that we can live our lives as well.
No part of us, other than our freedom of choice, is not operated by this All Creative Principle,
the Divine, the Supernatural, Super Nature, the Great Ultimate.
Just like the way we do not digest our food, pump our blood,
or operate our lungs and the breathing process.

We can see, but not give sight, vision in the sense that we operate the process of having sight inside our head or being.
We do not operate the process of hearing, nor grow our hair or nails.
We do not extract nor distribute nutrition from the food we eat or drink; that is being done for us.
What food we eat will have become our body in just a few hours, miraculous.
There are trillions of electromagnetic communications between our cells every second,
all in support the one for the other and that we know very little about.
Scientists have concluded that the average human body contains in the whereabouts of 40 trillion cells:
that is 5,000 times the 8 billion humans on this planet.
In other words, our bodies have the capacity to work
in the whereabouts of 5,000 times better on harmonics
as our humanity has working its governing systems.
Might we then conclude that if humanity found a better way to govern itself,
all of us together, we could improve our altogether lives by 5,000 times?
Wow, that would be pretty nice.
If it was money from $10 to $50,000, we can all use such a system!
We can!
(Please read the chapter on Algorithms & Averages again).


On and on for all the processes going on inside our bodies
as well as the sum-total of the rest of nature: all done for us.
No Artificial Intelligence needed for that, but yes Divine Intelligence.
The same with all the processes that govern this Planet and the rest of the Universe.
There is no way we can take or have control or take credit for those processes or take command of the process of giving and maintaining life.
In our quest for freedom we have separated ourselves from interfacing with that Force of nature.
What would happen if we made the free choice of giving the rest of the production of our lives to that same Force?
We could eliminate, surrender the borders and even the perimeters of our belief systems.
Wow, that’s a big deal. We could improve the odds of our success by 5,000 times,
or better yet, – Omnipresence, – Omnipotency and – Omniscience the potential.
Something extraordinary?
Surely beyond most of our imagination is what will happen,
and it will be as certain as light can displace darkness. 


We have by design been given the liberty, the freedom,
to live the sum-total of our individual possibly limited choices,
our creative thoughts, but also have our ultimate unifying potential as choice.
To be truly free it must be set up and created that way.
Exercising that privilege from a limited perspective or understanding,
however will create limited circumstances,
a limited distribution of the bounty of Mother Nature that is really owned by all of humanity equally.


Today, some circumstances are presenting themselves which affect all of humanity and that may not be in harmony with this Planet, nor our personal long-term interests.

The places we call our township, our state, our country, the places where we express ourselves in the way that we are,
our all-home bases, are all subject to our planet’s well-being.
The quality of the air and water affected on our property effects all other properties.
Everything is connected.


We are now learning that this means not just the change
of a few degrees of in terms of the planets direction,
but also in terms of temperature.
Grain, for example—corn, wheat, rice, oats, barley as well as many others—
by far the main staple ingredient of humanity’s food supply,
is very dependent on a temperature envelope with a spread of just 5 degrees,
above or below which the harvest will fail or be subject to disease.
If the grain harvests start failing due to increased temperatures,
the effort to feed all of humanity will fail.
Same for more or less water, as we are seeing today.
A possibly 5-degree rise is forecast for the end of this century.
Are you ready?


This is probably the most important factor in determining the course
of our human existence on this Planet in the coming years.
Our form of stewardship is now being called into question.
Just like our management of bullets.
Our priorities have been given to miscellaneous material distractions,
some carefully maintained to keep it so.


Like movies full of bullet-spreading heroes shooting up the bad guys
and, in the end, get the beautiful feline in their arms, as if that is something to aspire to.
Alas, we see little evidence of that in the real world with our warriors
returning home to an estranged situation,
their field being plowed by a different farmer. 
So here then let us go for the good news.
All these climatical, technical evolutionary and political goings-on
are presenting a time where, through better understanding,
we can reach a higher degree of interfacing with this force of nature.
“The ALL” is the ALL, regardless of our belief; it cannot be otherwise
Any scripture pertains to the subject,
as well as the conclusions of any scientist who has studied the subject free from external political,
financial or religious orientation.
Lucky for us, this pre-atomic light of creation is available to all of us right inside our bodies.
Each and every one of us was born from it.
We are all seeds of the first particle & its principle of creation.
Part of the whole.
We have the most sophisticated laboratory right inside of us.
We are it!


Khechari Mudra and Inner Transformation: The Path to Spiritual Practices and Peace of Mind

The Creative Intelligent power of mind
sustaining the Illusion of our world and Universe
is inside of us.
And if that is so,
then we can live our lives today as inspired beings.
No matter the matter of our Illusion,
our personal script,
we can shape it into something formidable,
like a Grand Master’s painting unfolding.
This is why we are here now,
why we have arrived at a window in time where we can make that choice,
and must make that choice.
Paint the complete picture for ourselves,
cradled in the folds of our Planet.
Substitute the thoughts associated with limitations, winning and losing in our lives
with those governed by unlimited vision, love and happiness.
The ultimate source for those thoughts that will be birthed from the Primordial Light and Spirit,
the Primordial Breath that is the basic make-up of all things that form as matter.
The Cosmos womb.
Complete harmonics.


We are It, the One that I am,
Creator of the life that we are waiting for
as well as the life as we see it manifest today.


Image of an open book with a message that reads "I and the father are one" at the bottom


Our surface dwelling bodies are 30% solid (our flesh, bones and organs), and 70% saltwater, (our blood).
The surface of the planet: 30% Earth and 70% ocean.
We are each a surface dwelling reflection of the make-up of the surface of this Planet.
As we treat ourselves, we treat the Earth; as we treat the Earth, we treat ourselves.
Then the planet will be suffering in the same way and visa versa.
We are walking and talking reflections of our planet,
a wave breaking on our beach.
The breath is that wave spending itself inspirationally on our beach,
only to subtract back into the ocean off breath’s at the end of our time.
Breathe in, breathe out.


Become the one we already are.

Stylized image of the earth from outer space with a text scroll that reads "We are the Ones We have Waited For"


The so called Second as well as the First Coming
is here now inside of each and every one of us and always was.
It just took some time in the evolutionary process for us to come to terms with that.


The wait is over


Digital art featuring a cosmic scene painted in deep blue and purple shades. Faintly, various esoteric and zodiac signs can be seen in the background. The main focus is on a silhouette of two human profiles, looking away from each other but merged to seem like one head. From between them, a glowing nebulous orb emerges. The phrase 'That what we think upon thereafter we become' is gracefully overlaid in white within the orb, ensuring it's the focal point.


Where our attention goes, we go.

Couple, connect, thought to the consciousness of the Creative Force

and become the action of the moment created in the now,

the action of the Force, the Universal Mind,

the Jedi/Christ/Buddha/Shiva/Tao/Allah/The Force/Universal Consciousness.

The “zone” for top performing athletes and business folk.

Where attention goes energy flows and understanding emerges.

The Force is eternal, omnipresent and thus here present inside us all the time.

Now our free choice and willingness to be with it or not.

Thought, and our focus,
is the parent, the pregnancy that gives birth to all things in our lives.
First thing on the agenda:
the well-being of the Planet.
Without the planet there can be no breath (air), water, sleep, no food, no shelter,
no connection, no life, no creative expression.
No thought gives birth to the Now,
this moment where all action and creative expression originate and expresses itself.
Contemplation and concentration are tools to watch the thoughts that are processing and gives time to edit, eliminate, surrender or consult on them into more productive, less dualistic ones before manifestation takes place!
Establish an inspirational interface with that Force
that Generates, Operates, Destroys. Gives and takes life.


That consciousness, the “All” is broadcasting through all matter and completely saturates the cosmic vacuum of all the Universes.
It is everything that ever was, is now, and will be.
It completely saturates all of us and our Planetary operating systems and beyond into the furthest reaches as well as inward to the deepest of deepest micro make up of our cellular, molecular and atomic systems.


And—surprise, surprise—we can drink its essence from the Cup of Cups,
what some folks call the Holy Grail.
The cup of wisdom.
For Yogis it is the tongue lock, the Khechari Mudra.

Image of a Golden Grail against a blue backdrop

The Holy Grail to drink the nectar of the gods was FOUNDED inside of every human
so we might come to understand that if ever there was such a thing as a Cup,
a Holy Grail, from which if we drank it would intoxicate us into an enlightened state.
Full filled, happy, peaceful, all our needs met.
Loving, benevolent, enriching, understanding of the highest principle is operating throughout our bodies and planetary systems,
including the universe and beyond the cosmic vacuum.


If you have been looking for the Holy Grail, this Khechari Mudra, your search is over.

We all have the Cup in our throat,
no one excepted.

We can start drinking right now, while driving,
before going to sleep, while reading or watching a movie,
during mass, in church, during sex, while expecting, while working.
Endless opportunity, dispensed by ourselves.
No need to wait till Sunday.

fullsizeoutput c43      Full Image of the Holy Grail

Nothing new here, but an ancient Yogic practice.
The Khechari Mudra
is defined as “a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart
turning it away from all else but the Creative Principle, the Universal Mind.”
In the science of that practice more background information could be obtained.
It is here that we are connecting the drinking of the Holy Cup’s nectar
to a Yogic practice and our practice now.
It’s like the nectar found in flowers that the bees come harvest to make honey.
It is self-contained; there’s no need to find or visit a Holy Land,
be “Wholly” (new word) where we are.


In order to drink we are going to need to stick our tongue back up into our mouth
up to or behind the uvula, the clit, and stimulate it;
milk it with your tongue,
drink the nectar that is then excreted.
The more time spent drinking the more the effect, spiritually intoxicating.
It has been said that this nectar is a perfect, personalized medicine
and antibiotic, a medicinal food formulated by and for our body.
No more flu shots. But yes, still also some extra green/Chlorella/Spirulina,
naturally grown vegetables, roots, grains and fruits.
Drink the Creative Principles download.


Anatomical image depicting stage 1 of the performing the Kechari Mudra


If we are ever thirsty and cannot find to drink, we can go there for thirst to be quenched.
Any kind of other thirst, dire need, addiction to be tempered,
sexual satisfaction, basic satisfaction, Tantric exchange will be satisfied.
Insight is to be gathered, the place to go for a drink.
It might be possible, by reaching up with the tongue further behind the uvula,
to open a channel to the pineal gland to stimulate the opening of the third eye.
With practice, understanding of the process will come….
I am beginning to gather that some aspect of the pineal gland reaches down into the uvula area,
thus when stimulated it affects the visionary/insight aspects of the 3rd eye.
Sight within.
View the Divine Matrix.
Observe: get a glimpse of the womb of Creation,
the other side of the black hole.

Anatomical illustration of stage 4 of the Kechari Mudra

Also understanding situations.
Kindled motivation that can then be directed to other areas in our lives:
direction, erection, satisfaction,
change the form and shape of our bodies,
Yogic delivery from limitation, initiation,
perfect timing like the phases of the Moon,
the harvest time, always on time.
Clear the mind of anger, attachment and ego; increased vitality,
strengthening of the immune system, and even anti aging properties.
No end in sight and light.
The following is what came up in internet searches:


“Kechari mudra is a yoga practice where the tongue is rolled up to touch the soft palate initially and then with due practice it is inserted into the nasal cavity behind the palette. This is an advanced practice and the yogi is said to overcome thirst, hunger, decay and death by this practice. For most people this needs prolonged effort. The tongue should be rolled up to touch the upper palate. Initially it may be able to touch only the hard palate. With practice, it can go further behind to touch the soft palate. Later touches the uvula at the back of the throat. With practice, the tongue can go beyond the uvula and enters the nasal cavity to stimulate certain points inside the cavity. This may take months or years of practice. Eventually the yogi is able to taste the nectar (or Amrit) which flows from the roof of the nasal cavity. This nectar energizes the body and helps to overcome the need for thirst and food.”


Now it is for us to also understand, that this is a very, very subtle source to drink from;
subtle energies are at work.
Like the pyramid power, no gobs of it to swallow—
it’s nothing like slamming a couple vodka tonics straight up,
shooting up some coke, or blowing your mind with psychedelics,
though it may be close to the seat of a psychedelic experience.

Please proceed with care,
do not in any way force the tongue beyond -your- natural limits.
There is no need for that.

If into booze, or Big Pharma drugs, or junk food, we are going to be disappointed:
the power of the nectar will be diluted or converted to insignificance.
Good naturally grown food & drink anyone?

Please, think about the gazilion amounts of nitrates and other ingredients used in fertilizers around the globe, that for one end up in our bodies and for two run off the fields into our rivers and oceans promoting all kind of unwanted grows of sea-weeds in those waters. Suffocating the natural sea life like fish, shell and other bottom dwellers. Ruining our waterfronts and beaches. ( Red tide.)


The food that we eat will in just a few hours become our bodies.
Want to have a great body, than we should  eat great nutritious food.
Ideally organic as much as possible.
Nitrates used as fertilizer are good for making bombs, but is not what we want into our bodies, it will make our normally 100 to 200 pound bodies into double or more the weight with this fertilized food intake.
Health beware.
We are being educated to ideally not discriminate, but when it comes to what we eat for nourishment we must make smart choices to get smart bodies.
Please remember, our bodies are naturally grown, nothing artificial about them.


The nectar drank by sticking our tongue back up by the uvula, the clit, is more like a very fine champagne, a metaphysical substance developing,
cured and distributed over time,
served by the Force itself at a price everybody can afford:
Effort, dedication and discriminating choices.                    
Drink now! The ultimate toast to peace and harmony, we can all toast each other right inside ourselves!
I have been drinking this nectar for 50 years and cannot remember when was the last time I had a flu, also the Cove 19 virus had a hard time taking root when I got exposed.
Perfect medicine specially formulated by our bodies for our bodies. ( Along with other dietary supplementation, like lots of greens.) 

Giving peace of mind.

Screenshot of Angela Merkel Speaking with Former President Barack Obama during the G-7 summit

It is not to be attained between heads of state meeting at Camp David—or anywhere else or anyone else by anyone else, but to be attained within ourselves!


They gave it their best.


fullsizeoutput b5a

Melania Trump and Putin might have stood a half a chance of bringing two great nations together through love and kinship.

The love is there, and at least on her side completely wide open.
Putin might be wondering where to go with that, but seems delighted nevertheless.
( From what we are seeing today 2023/2024, nothing seems to have come of that love.)

I was hesitating to post the image, but it is just too great a shot.
But to think that by finding out what was discussed
is to take away from what we need to discuss with ourselves.
We must let it go, finding details like that will not change what needs to be done.
It certainly will not change the quality of the air we breathe,
nor our personal connection with the Force and its force of attraction.


Image of a man with the quote "Person" is a "Thought-Construct"

We must come to clearly realize that our personal thoughts precede our actions,
and that our actions, or the lack of them, precede the quality of our lives.
No government, politics, elected representation,
talking head on TV or radio broadcast nor alien intelligence,
nor Artificial Intelligence can give us what we really want or need.
Cannot by definition.
Certain aspects of government and other forms of education are needed, no doubt.
All the above, however, are not part of their curriculum or contribution.
Our vote for different representation is strongly being encouraged;
however, today, this vote would still be in support for a representative of a splintered
or at the least dual opposing party representation.
We can see the “vote NO” on many banners.
There is NO way that such a system can produce the
Universal “Yes”
now needed to turn our planets needs for human well being
around fast enough to have any significant results.
We must surrender our splintered party and belief systems.
Our vote would have to be universally educated
as well as must be every individual’s focus,
implemented by ALL PEOPLE, for all people.
no matter our political or religious affiliations.
There will be no time to wait for the very cumbersome political systems
to be turned around to attain this UNIVERSAL YES vote called for today.
We the human crew of this planet, each and every one of us must act.
Connect to unity, to that what we all are made up off.


Keep this Planet great
Thought coupled to randomness will produce random results in our lives.
Thought coupled to dual policy systems will create more duality.
Thought coupled to somebody else’s thoughts will become somebody else’s results.
Thought coupled to the perfection of Source the Force will result
in resolution and perfection,
things working out just right, getting it just the way we need it.
Beyond imagination!


Education of how and what to think for ourselves, what to download and
implement as our guiding principles is the first priority. The highest order.
This will hook our focus into the great Creative Principle’s that sustains all things,
giving access to all that we could ever need and want.
Total fulfillment the result.


My intent is to see good, say good and do the highest good.
Everything is always working out for me.
I am fortunate.
I am harmony.
I am whole.
full of joy
I am giving
to serve
in truth


Drink from that Cup, our bodies are the Church, the Temple, the destination for our focus,
the destination of our vote!
The Breath, only now.
Place the focus in it traveling up and down the spine;
place our focus on the for all practical purposes for ever presence of life in the now.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Follow it up to the heavenly sphere, than bring heaven back down to the earth.
It will never stop so long we have life.


Alternatively watch that sight inside, spend time there, dedicate focus there;
then watch the results.
Any time you think of it or the need arrises.
Beyond imagination the results will be.
Aladdin’s lamp guiding the way.
The world outside of us will remain in duality no doubt.
It is, however, our relationship with it that does not need to be coupled to that duality.
Oneness: no mass.
Not any amount of the pursuit for possessions or trips around the world can accomplish that.


Quantum Quality and Source Force: Ethicality in Creation


The quality of our thoughts and subject of our focus determines the quality of our lives.


Source, the Force, the Principle of Creation,
is the ultimate level of quality.
Gold and diamonds and humanity come from it.
There is nothing higher or better than it!
Beyond rich and famous.
Everything is subject to this Principle absolute,
the All, ultimate ethicality, virtuosity and union its character and comes from it !
We ourselves will enforce our own ethicality.
We will be the judge to enforce the law on ourselves.
No elected form or agency can do that for us to the extent needed.
No careful selection of words, no amount of external enforcement
is broad enough to cover all angles except our own.
We know.


If in doubt, see about finding a plant or tree with some flowering buds on it.
Take one of these buds, especially a young bud,
cut it open with a sharp knife, and study what’s in the bud.
Then come back to that plant and watch these buds as they mature and then open to flower.
Imagine that humanity as it is today is a multitude of these buds.
It is hard to believe,
we are all ready to flower, and some of us already are.
We all have that potential built in, there is no middleman—
other then to remind us to make the hook-up, factory direct !
What a display that will be!

fullsizeoutput 1107    fullsizeoutput 1108 fullsizeoutput 10f8

The whole world’s humanity is one incredible bed of flowers set in the field of nature, supernatural!
All the different colors and species in support for an incredible sum-total bouquet,
Check it out!


On the threshold of blossoming we stand!


Image of a garden full of flowers in full bloom


Surrender to the Principle, and it will give you heaven:
(a higher place, paradisiacal, oneness with Divinity,
goodness, full of virtue, being without suffering,
absence of duality, no hook).


Be here now with the focus in the breath. Be with it.
Freedom, liberty and a form of equality will be the result.


The Law of Accelerating Returns says that it should,
for evolving its own strategies,
be the primary way that an evolutionary process builds on itself.
One breath builds on the next and next.


Thought coupled to action creates.
I am the creator of my life.
Connect thought to the Force equals Nirvana,
Source consciousness, Bliss.
And if we are asking ourselves: “What do I need all that for?”
we are going to need an answer.


Focused concentration can create purer thought and action,
and, thus, a better life.
Coupled to Source, the ultimate life,
super-nature, supernatural, by definition “divine.”
Building an Alliance with that Force that is everything;
and instead of a landlord, we will have a planet-lord—
beyond that an alliance with the Lord of the Universe.
All inclusive.
There can be no loss there.


Couple our focus to the Creative Principle,
we can be on both sides of the screen,
materialized as well as dematerialized,
eternal, and thus the world of the Jedi,
Moses, Mohamed, the Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, the Tao,
Confucius, Rumi, Leonardo Da Vinci, Shiva,
as well as many others therefore as thereafter,
and now ourselves.
Eternal life, the gift of the pure dedication of Focus on the One Breath.
For the folks that seek unlimited extended life in this present body at all costs,
good luck, there will be no need.
By the time you reach pure old age like most will sooner or later,
you will have learned and have had plenty of opportunity to die out of this physical plane.
Shedding our old clothes,
be ready to be born into this new world we are creating now,
an innocent babe nursing at that titty.
Spend three years almost continuously nourishing yourself.


Power of Now: Living in the Present Moment


Potentially Instantly
The breath, like the breast, is only in the now.
Like gravity, a bird, big fish, globes, a clock, on time,
then there are other ways to be in the now.
A wing suite and jumping of Mt Everest, climbing that peak,
pure focus, you betcha, driving at very fast speeds,
skiing the ultimate slope, aiming to win a championship,
making love, summiting incredible limits,
going out in some big waves,
free climbing sheer rock walls,
sex, riding a rocket into space.
And don’t forget bungie jumping, the edge of the performance envelope, inches from death!
A lot of those things are not for everyone;
certainly not all the time all day for nobody.
However, the breath is, no doubt, for everyone all day all night: it’s always there for us,
lifetime guarantee. In the zone:
we can trust it to be there more than anything else.
Be there with it now:
in traffic, waiting for an appointment, on a train, a ride, a plane,
in the shower, an opportunity, lost someplace, found someplace,
in a quarrel with someone, in Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong,
a business meeting, driving a tractor.
Remember to remember to be here now.
Now is the only time to create the rest of our lives;
wisdom comes from it. Of the HIGHEST SECURITY.
It is this degree of focus forced as needed and garnered in extreme sports
or other highly focused activity that brings this high state of awareness.
It is by bringing this SAME focus to bear on the breath, or the 3rd eye,
a constructive thought,
that the SAME high is acquired, otherwise only attained
by placing ourselves in those extreme circumstances.
The trouble is that those extremes are
not sustainable into every moment of our lives.
The breath is, however, sustainable for the rest of our lives,
no matter the condition, age limit, or physical limit.
Attainable by all.
We can share that attainment equally.

Soul = Atman = Breath of Life
Spirit = Breath of Life

By focussing on the Breath we focus and merge with Soul and Spirit.
It is the Master Key.
Turn that key

Many Dimensions of Consciousness,
many Choices as to where to place our Focus.
Only one place for Oneness.

Artistic rendering of the Arc of the Covenant

The Source’s WiFi and light is always on,
will always be on and is broadcast everywhere.
It has unlimited bandwidth—way beyond 5G—and no micro waves.
Actually, 1G present everywhere and not dependent on matter:
great service, before and after life.
We can ride it into bliss and eternity.
No cops, no robbers and no speed limits.
Total freedom, well,,,,,,,
governed by the placement of our focus.
Liberty absolute within ourselves.


Image of the Statue of Liberty at Dawn


The Statue of Liberty
Here is that light on top in the torch; it’s a matter now of kindling that light inside our being.


One Humanity Party and Beyond Matter: The Quest for Higher Consciousness and Individual Responsibility


Life Eternal and unlimited support.
Focus, dedication, and practice the price of entry to this realm.
Each and every one of us is individually responsible.
There is nobody, no elected person, no boss, no friend,
no wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or sugar uncle,
no matter their capabilities or connections
that can take this ride for us.
No need to wait for the vote to change;
we must all, no matter what party, transcend the opposition,
become a “One Humanity” party.
Every individual alive will participate and belong,
registered through birth, the moment of the first breath—
this is not a recreational activity, but yes, a creational activity!

If I were to believe in this Force we might call, Obi One, Jedi, Yoda, Mohamed, Jesus, Michael Angelo, Jehovah, Alah, the Field, Source, Buddha, the Matrix, the Tao principle,

then if this Force chose to give itself a body,
move around this world,
would this Force then take 100% responsibility for whatsoever would happen in its life?
Or would it place responsibility outside of itself,
blame it on the government, the neighbor, a president, a dad, a mom.?
Or any other circumstance for that matter.

Then, if I wanted to merge with that Force the Source
I would then have to take full responsibility for everything that happens
or not happen in my life.
Soon as I do, I could make it happen!
Yah way!

Gaia my love!    I am on it !


Illustrative image with the text reading "I will be waiting here for your silence to break. For your soul to shake. For your love to wake. - Rumi"


What happens is that once we start connecting,
tuning in, embracing these aspects of the Force, the Source,
like turning on the radio or watching a video presentation, is that that information, education or data can be transferred.
For some it will be in the form of love, others intelligence, or a form of strengths.
Transmitted to us from this Source, we will find our spirit lightening up,
and our understanding of creating and creation expanding exponentially,
feeling fulfilled like we’ve never have felt before.

Actually, our need for fulfillment  is so broad and expansive
that “only something as whole as the entire creation” can fill us up.
No amount of shopping, money or power will do other than fill the closets and storage units.
We can clearly see this, watching the folks that have everything we can possibly imagine and see them still reaching out for more or different.
It’s like with our armed forces rattling sabers at perceived enemies calling for more,
endlessly more weaponry, power & war, their products pilling up and needing to be put to use someplace. 
In our case we will experience and confirm for ourselves that by this connection we are making sure that indeed we are now connected to the whole thing.

Then we can feel as complete as a human can possibly feel.
Know that we are here connected and that there is no further need to struggle or press for more.
We will be satisfied that we have connected to the unlimited Resource of all Sources, the Force.
There will be no doubt; the proof in the pudding, so to speak.
Saturated in connectivity.
The ultimate download.

Jedi/Christ/Buddha/Shiva/Tao/Allah/Krisna/Source/Math and Earth Consciousness.

Having said all that, we find ourselves with our feet placed on a piece of dirt/wood/concrete/asphalt/carpet or water someplace on this planet. What will we do?
Probably exactly what we are doing: dancing the dance.
Slowly but surely, we will bring in the above illustrated practice that then will bring in the harmony.

It will displace the warring with unity,
uncertainty with certainty.

The interfacing of man and the nature of this planet, this spaceship Earth,
will be guided by Source, the Force, the Creative Principle directly!
From the inside out.

Fear will be replaced by courage.
Yah Way!
Interfacing with the Planet consciousness!


Inspirational Quote that Reads "Life would be much easier if I had the source code"


The Eye of the Needle: Transcending Material Limitations for Higher Consciousness

Beyond the world of matter all we will find is Consciousness,

Source Code. We are in charge of cultivating the level,
the context of our interface with that consciousness
that will elevate us to our ultimate potential of being able
to pass beyond the end of these bodily,
planetary, and galactic systems.
Thru the eye of the needle.
Matter cannot come.
A wish. Everything working out just right.

But wait, wait, we are on this planet now, and will be so long we live.
What are we going to do, but live the best life we can possibly live,
bringing joy into our lives!
The breath is of the HIGHEST security,
the first and last thing we will ever need,
depending on the quality of the air, that atmosphere surrounding our planet.
Not our country versus their country, the quality of our air versus their air,
but yes, our All’s Planet’s air, all One.

The results will be proportionate to the effort expended. 
Within the Alliance with this Force there is no opposing force.
The Supernatural will not oppose itself; it cannot.
It is invincible as well as completely cooperative with itself.
It cannot be blocked or stopped.


There are no limits but the ones we conceive:
study the needs
plow the “field”
plant the seeds
feed the need of the seed
let it grow
when full
harvest bliss

I am confident
I am integrity
I am in truth
I am secure
I am insightful
I am unlimited
I am Divinity incorporated


In evolution

We must take the element of time out of the equation,
and must find a new way of producing energy now,
figure out how to cool the planet.
The choice is ours and not the Creative Principle’s;
this Principle cannot and will not self-destruct.
But we can.
The apocalyptic predictions of the end of the world as we know it
are not decisions made by the Creative Force, or the principle of G.O.D.
As a source of life, it will never make that decision,
but based on the chance, algorithm,
that WE will not be able to stop OURSELVES from warming the planet,
we ourselves will be making that decision of taking our lives!
It is one thing to place all the good happening in our lives and on this planet in the hands of an outside force like a God,
but another to do the same with all the bad things,
and not take responsibility for them.
Update our methods of stewardship by everyone going for the light in delight,
we must and will!!

This Planet is great !
No country can be great without this planet and all its crew, all of its humanity also being great.

The result of the Law of Attraction is that our Environment will reflect the condition corresponding to the predominant mental attitudes (thoughts) we entertain.

Thought is a creative energy that will automatically correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation, providing it is not canceled out by the same principle.

Coupling our method of stewardship to our focus (mental attitude) on being in alliance with the Creative Force will manifest the ultimate solution implementation and manifestation.

Not any school can teach that.
But we each individual can.

Silhouette of a female figure in the lotus position against a gradient backdrop with the Yin Yang Symbol made of flowers in the sky above her


Image of the golden ratio in natural forms and artistic works against a collage style composition


Mother Nature expressing herself

That is us in embryo.

There’s no escaping this Principle!


A new human agenda:
Attaining divinity.
Divinity comes from the Divine,
a state of things that come from the supernatural,
super nature: without nature there would be no life,
with super nature (divinity) we will live a super life.
Nature will be fine without us,
we will not be fine without nature.
We might become like a piece of meat on the heating planets grill;
if not, then the Subject of an artificial, alien, or manipulated form of intelligence.

The Universal can act only through the individual;
the individual can act only thru the Universal: they are ONE.
A part, (us) must be in the same quality as the whole to thrive,
to full/fill completely.
Become the one that we already are!
We must act now, follow the breath, the source of life. We will then become that Source of life.
We are the Masters of our fate.


Image of a child hugging the globe with the text "We are All In This Together" scrolled across the top


Life is to be expressed and it is our direction and discretion to express ourselves harmoniously,
constructively and in harmony with the principle that is sustaining that life.
The Universal Mind can do that for us if we connect to it.
Download its operating system!
Become the captain of our ship, the pilot of our craft,
the master of our focus!
Together, as one humanity, we will pilot our planet
to a healthy accomplished abundant state of being,
all together in the Yin Yang.

Instead of waiting to see where Peter at the “Pearly Gate” is going to send us we will take direction ourselves and
“go all the way now” to the One Pearly State of Consciousness.


Zen Zone


Tranquil decorative image of smooth flat rocks set upon a water covered surface with a flower in the foreground. Represents tranquility and serenity

One breath at a time, like one step, one stone at a time into Eternity



End of Chapter 9
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